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    Evangeline "Eva" Jasmine Celine
    Route 1.

    "It really helps, makes it easier to keep up with your Pokemon that's what my father told me, plus if you feel good about yourself you can be an even better trainer" Evangeline said excitedly as she blushed at his praise of her drawing skills.

    "t-thanks" she said smiling. "I've been drawing Pokemon since I was really little so I've had a few years of practice" Evangeline said before nodding looking back at Fallows Pokemon and nodding before looking back at Fallow, though she avoided eye contact.

    "w-well, when I was little there was an accident were I lived. I'm from Nimbasa City in Unova. Eight years ago, I was watching a gym battle when an attack from Elesa's Zebstrika ended up hitting me, ever since then, I've been able to understand what Pokemon are saying."