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hmmm..... I'm gonna put my dollar (I have more than two-cents here XD ) in here.

Being a developer of a fangame, and having played multiple fangames of Pokemon and other games, I totally agree with the person who said don't be too ambitious. In Gen0 we're only going to have two regions (you can explore the Orange Islands), and that is going to be very hard to pull off correctly by itself. Making 5 regions would be hell.

However, it very well could be done. There's a couple key-points people are totally looking over and not bringing up.

1.) The level-cap increase.
People are saying this would be problematic due to levels learned and evolutions. This can be solved in two ways. One, if you're increasing the level cap from 100 to 200 (or 300. 500 would be farrrrr too much), that doubles the levels, or triples it. Then you would simply double or triple the evolution requirements and the move-learning requirements.

Secondly, evolutions. Not -one- person here, that I've seen, has commented on the evolution dynamic of these games. Pokemon is generally centered around 1-2 evolutions at -max-. What if you were to give pokemon 3 evolutions, or even 4? Every pokemon could have the "baby" version, then the normal basic 1st and 2nd evolution, but then maybe even a third. (Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Fulchu-fulgor, latin for lightning, idk lol))

This would add a new level of growth and playability. Scale down the stats some, make it balanced, and you have a ton of more content for working with your pokemon.

Also, cross-breeding.

2.) The general flow of the games

Maruno touched on this slightly, I believe. I think someone else did as well. Multiple regions could easily be done (not the amount of work needed, but the balance part) by just changing how the flow of the game works.

In normal games, you start off in home-town and (mostly) linearly travel through and collect your badges. In GS's case, once you defeat the elite four, you move on to the next region collect those badges and get that Elite four.

What's stopping you from making a Morrowind style game? You could pick a region and you would have a starting point in each one to get you going. You could then have access to the entire region, with very little inhibiting your travels. Some regions could have level 50 pokemon a few towns away from lv 5s, and some could have level 80s near where you'd find 30's. If you're increasing the cap it actually lends to help with this dynamic.
With this it would actually kind of force you to travel to -other- regions before fully exploring the one you're on so you can find Pokemon to match your levels.

3.) Starting Fresh
If you go with my aforementioned Morrowind style Pokemon game, you can use a portion of this to your advantage. Let's say the Pokemon world is a little more customs-related.
An elite four certificate would be kind of like a visa. Before you beat the elite four, let's say you can only take like 3 pokemon with you to another region. Maybe they don't want different species into their region (each region does have it's own set of pokemon. Maybe Unova doesn't want Pikachu breeding with their pokemon) Or even better yet, some regions prohibit Pokemon of certain levels, genders, types(fire water etc) or just the fact that the pokemon couldn't be held in their system, so you can't deposit any from another region into their PCs.

This would make you strategically place your team more. If you start in Kanto, you have a team of six and go to Sinnoh, you can't deposit your Charizard Tangela Vaporeon or whatever in Sinnoh's PC so you only take a few with. Maybe the Elite Four certificate could have technology embedded in it where it brings the system up-to-date with your pokemon. Have it work along-side your pokedex so the PCs from different regions can deposit your Pokemon.

This would make it less of

start in this region, power up, move on
go to this region, continue to power up, move on

It would make you travel more, put more strategy in your teams, etc.

Also, what if there are criminal organizations which succeed in stealing your Pokemon? let's say you keep all of your pokemon in the PC, and they manage to attack that center, they could steal your pokemon. they could run to another region so you have to go there to find them.

Use the story to take you to new regions, and not complete it fully before moving on.

I think this could easily fix that issue. Granted, it would be a HORRIBLE amount of work, but it would be doable.

I'm with most on saying 1-2 regions would be doable.

Without trading or battling, we at Gen0 are going to focus on end-game content more and making the story itself harder. We want the story itself to take you to into the 80s or so for levels without an extreme amount of grinding.

But yeah. That's my thoughts on the all-region thing.

What I want to see in a fan-game is thought and dedication. Like they were saying earlier, if you're making a full fakemon game, don't make super pokemon all over. Give it a good progression. Make more story involved, don't be lazy with the mapping(I hate how all the trees are symmetrical) and keep the players in mind more than your initial kid-at-a-toy-store's desires.
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