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    Alex Rouse
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    The impact had sent the other boy back a fair distance, knocking him to the ground, but he simply stood up and shrugged it off. He wiped blood from the corner of his mouth...and he was grinning. "Who are you?," Alex thought as he moved in a wide circle around his opponent. "Oh, and it'd behoove you not to cross me. I'm having a pretty bad day and it won't take much to completely piss me off," the boy said before turning and making a run for the girls from earlier, one of which called out to Alex; "So like, you ask to travel with us and then you start trying to hurt people??" "What the heck is wrong with you, man?!"

    Alex shook his head, half in anger, half in disbelief, as he continued to circle the pair. Jaqen was chuckling inside his head, clearly enjoying an opportunity to toy with peoples emotions as well as their minds and bodies, not caring if one of his victims was the body and mind he resided in. Alex however, was slowly fighting for control more and more, and slowly making sense of what was happening around him. "...we can't keep doing this Jaqen. These are kids, like me...maybe they can help us..."

    "You hear that!? Today's your Day of Reckoning!"

    "Does that sound like someone who wants to...hrrrnh, deliberate?" Alex sighed in his own mind and knew he had to fight his way out of this one. He drew in a bit closer, focusing on the boy who had challenged him, stopping to hover a few inches off the ground a good 10 feet in front of his foe. "Everyday is a day of Reckoning in this world. But I'm -not- letting you anywhere near my home. If you can still walk after this, I suggest you leave this place."
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