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    Very excellent high quality writing I must say. One of the things that I like about your writing is the 'flow'. I'm reading chapters and I'm not finding myself re-reading sentences or paragraphs. You writing is clear and discriptive so far. The creativity behind it all is also excellent; you are really creative!

    I must confess, I've been cheating a bit. Well, I got up to chapter five and then...I found myself reading the new posts. I have to say you did a very good job, no! Good job doesn't really feel like the word I should use to describe your work. It is magnificent! This fiction is unargubly the best damn pokemon fan fiction I've ever read and the best fiction that's floating around these forums as of now.

    I don't know what makes me able to easily accept your version of Professor. Rowan. I've read other canon-based works and I can't really picture the character in that particular setting or sitiuation. I find that canon-based fan fictions are one of the hardest things to read and write.
    It's hard (for me) because I sometimes or always disagree on how the author used the (canon) character.

    When this happens, it ruins the entire story for me and it's back button to the rescue. (Some of my infamous dry-humor.) It's also really hard to write for the exact same reason: people find the version distasteful or out of character. It's hard to place a well-loved or beloved character in one's own words or setting. Not many might agree.

    Yet, you have captured this perfectly. Not only do I enjoy your verson of professor Rowan, I accept it. This is what canon-based fanfiction is all about! This is a prime example. I absoultely love this fiction & I love your name as well. ;D

    Good Luck finishing up this incredible story. I'm waiting to see what you have in store, so don't disappoint. I hope you continue writing canon-based fanfiction; I am eager to see what character you use next. Also if you have other canon-based works, please direct me to them. I would very much love to read some of those as well.

    *Well, I killed it a bit, don't blame me. :(
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