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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Geoff Bates, Isla Van Tricht & Lily Blackstar - Route 103 to Route 102

    Everybody was thoroughly bewildered and stupified by the "capture" of the strange blue Psyduck. Eli picked up the Pokéball, and examined it. "Huh. What do you think I should call it?"

    "Dunce!" Geoff chuckled. "That's one odd Psyduck, getting itself caught like that..." Eli almost went with Geoff's suggestion, but decided on something a little... fancier.

    "How's Derpy sound?" Everyone liked it, enjoying such an apt name for the duck. Then Isla jumped in shock.

    "Poliwag never broke out of my Pokéball!" She ran over to it happily, and it was completely still, laying at the water's edge as if it had tried to escape by drowning the ball.

    Geoff raised his eyebrows in surprise. "What? Oh, congrats!" he offered to Isla, having totally forgotten about the Poliwag like everybody else. "So, now that that's through, how about we all go to Petalburg City?" Apparently Geoff knew of a nice inn that'd recently been built there, turned half of the little pond behind the Pokémon Center into a hot spring; he thought it would be the perfect place to set up for the night. With everyone thinking a bath in a hot spring would be nice (and since it was suddenly dusk by an inexplicable force), they all agreed, and so, after taking another short break in Oldale to rest their Pokémon, the four-person troupe began to make their way across Route 102.

    All of the Pokémon got their training in. Albion managed to take down a pack of Zigzagoon trying to catch up to the rest of Eli's team, Vex utterly wiped out a Lotad and a pair of Surskit to train for a battle she may have with Isla (namely Brotad, of course), and even Derpy managed to take out a Poochyena and a Ralts. For Geoff's team, Scarlett helped Albion take down two of the 5-mon Zigzagoon gang, and Bandit beat down a Poochyena; the latter apparently used to bully Geoff's poor Pokémon, and this was for revenge.

    Lily's Pokémon were just as impressive. Her Phanpy and Silcoon teamed up to take down three Pokémon together, and Knight wiped out another one to keep up. What made it impressive was seeing Grace glow a brilliant white, lifting into the sky and coming out of its shell as a Beautifly, glorious wings flapping and all. It made a home of Lily's left shoulder, which only made both of them appear even prettier than usual. Brotad should've evolved like Grace during his training, but for some reason he just didn't.

    Then it came down to a lone Surskit, oddly colored lighter than others, which Geoff and Lily spotted about the same time. The two quickly came to fighting over the oddity, juggling the now-tortured Pokémon around between Lucy, Grace, Scarlett and Bandit. Bandit bit, Scarlett burned, Grace stung and Lucy smashed with no breaks in between, all until the abused Surskit was miraculously thrown behind a line of bushes. The Surskit hidden and the four Pokémon exhausted from attacking it and each other, the pair had both thrown a single Pokéball each at the little Bug-type in a last-ditch attempt to catch it....
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