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Creed Reese
Oreburgh City - "Homocide"

Creed's scowl grew larger, such bold comments would normally make him ecstatic, so much more eager to kill, but now he was just pissed off. "Fine then, let me rephrase that. I'm going to kill you." He gave his opponent a nasty glare. Then, he raised his head and gave a cynical smile. "Ha! You've probably never killed anyone before. You know what it's like?" He brought his head back down, his smile disappearing almost immediately. "The adrenaline rush is amazing; the sounds, the smell- to die for," Then he closed his eyes. "Still, killing is nothing without reason, ignorant killings are so boring, the pleasure is lost to what is essentially pure savagery." He opened his eyes again. "Heck, I don't even know what you look like. What's your name? How'd you get to be 'so strong'? Who are you?" He started to walk slowly towards Alex. "I don't know any of those things. No, the men I killed, I had a good understanding of them. You? I'm not even sure if you're worth it." He stopped just short of Alex. "There's no satisfaction in bashing someone's face in if you don't know the story that that face has been through. Some can tell just by looking, but I've never been so perceptive." He put his hand out, as if to receive a handshake, and said "So just humor me, okay? There's a little cutie over there crying, and I'm dying to pay back the one who caused it."
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