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    Okay, before I start, I want to say that I'm not trying to be rude, I'm only saying my thoughts. People always get angry at me lol

    Originally Posted by Flameguru View Post
    I'm not quite sure how you can have so many gripes about graphical elements so early on in the development of hansiec's engine.
    You're right, it is VERY early in development. In my opinion, it's too early to be released. I've been working on a Pokemon engine for GameMaker 2 months now and I really don't think it's ready to be shown in public, but in terms of features, I have more than this one.

    Originally Posted by Flameguru View Post
    As to this whole stretched graphics, what are you talking about? All tiles are 32x32 and the player sprite is 32x42 due to a 10 pixel overlap to give a sense of depth when the player is in front of a building, sign, npc, etc. I know that because I'm the one he got those graphics from (although indirectly). If he was using 3rd gen tiles they would still be 32x32. Suggesting to use HG/SS Tiles is not a good idea and will severely complicate things and it really doesn't matter what tiles he provides, anyone who uses the engine should use their own custom ones so that their game is actually taken seriously and isn't just something they whipped up in 10 minutes.
    The tiles are stretched from their original resolution, that's what I meant. I think it will look better (albeit small) if kept in the normal resolution. I don't think that using HG/SS tiles is a bad idea. It's a bad idea to use the BW tiles on the other hand, because there are none. The HG/SS tiles are 2D and you can make a tileset very quickly by making a script that will delete all tiles that there are multiple of in a map. Visual presentation is very important, you can't deny that. You can have the game with the best gameplay, but if the graphics are bad, then no one will take interest in it.

    Originally Posted by Flameguru View Post
    As for actual depth, I am sure he implemented layers of tiles (probably amount of 3 layers) and if he hasnt, he will. Your point about the player bouncing really only shows that you have no intent to help with whats actually important (ie: the game logic and implementation) and is once again just another graphical gripe.
    Once he has made some sort of implementation or asks about one, I will try to help. Although my experience with OOP is mostly on the C++ side, the concepts are the same with Java.

    One thing I'd like to suggest is to use a system such as Deoxygen. It really helps with other people who are trying to read your code. I didn't even know which file to start looking in.
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