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    [Once again, I eat my words after giving an expected update date. Extended power outage, laptop failure, school, long story.

    Anyway, new chapter. Enjoy!]

    Chapter 5: Utter Defeat, and Flight to the Mountains

    The rain and the wind began to let up. The Commander’s forces would need no further assistance from the sky. Ross barely noticed; he was frozen in place as he stared at the hill where the Vaccine camp had stood. His mind was occupied with perceived numbers: how many seconds it should have taken for Joanie and the kids to scramble from the hill, and how many seconds there had been between his signal and the blast. As near as he could guess, it was thirty seconds between when he fired and when MetalTyrannomon fired, and depending on where Joanie had been and how quickly she had seen the flare, she could have been gone anywhere from twelve seconds to sixty. So they had roughly a two in five chance of being alive. Or one in five. Or one in a hundred. It made him sick.

    Ross was jarred from this train of thought by BlackAgumon, who was now roused from his despair and spoke with urgency. “Pick up your things! We have to leave!”

    Ross turned around. He saw the Virus forces marching forward, but apart from them there were three figures running northeast, right in his direction. They were the Commander and two Gazimon, and they moved with impossible speed. Behind them the dark clouds opened and revealed the sun, which had not quite set. Now that the cover of nightfall was delayed, Ross became aware of how exposed he and BlackAgumon were.

    With head reeling, Ross slung the crossbow over his shoulder and grabbed his spear. BlackAgumon was already running north and down the slope. “Hurry!”

    Ross took one last look over his shoulder and saw the Commander bounding from the crest of a hill that was too close. With that he turned and ran as fast as his legs could carry him, trying to catch up with BlackAgumon.

    They ran for half a mile on the rocky path. Ross’s heart was pounding, begging him to give up and stop, but he didn’t want to be caught dead near the Commander after what had happened. BlackAgumon frequently had to slow down so Ross wouldn’t fall too far behind. Squat as he was, BlackAgumon’s legs were several times stronger than those of an ordinary teenager. Panting as he ran, Ross asked him, “Where are we running to? The camp’s gone.”

    “We’re going to turn north, into the mountains. If we’re lucky we might lose them.”

    When they neared the crest of a tall hill Ross stumbled and scraped his knees. As he pulled himself back up he glanced over his shoulder. They were not going to be lucky, Ross could tell: the Commander and the Gazimon were only four hills behind them. As he and BlackAgumon left the path and ran up a draw in the mountains, they could hear the Gazimon laughing.

    As they scrambled through a harsh ravine, Ross wondered if this mess was his fault. If he had only been thinking, they might have left as soon as he fired the signal, and then they may have gotten far enough away that the Gazimon wouldn’t have been able to hone in on BlackAgumon’s attribute. For that matter, if he weren’t so slow and exhausted they might have gotten away regardless. After they cleared a boulder that was blocking their path, BlackAgumon said, “This is futile. We’ll have to find some high ground soon and make a stand.”

    They ran on, and Ross asked between gasps, “What are our chances?”

    BlackAgumon snarled. “We’ll find out. Just move it, you slug!”

    Ross’s legs objected, but they obeyed as well as they could. BlackAgumon’s pace quickened, and now it took all that Ross had to keep him within eyeshot. In the last of the daylight, BlackAgumon was hard to spot, and this could serve only to hurt Ross, not to conceal them from their pursuers. He could hear them jeering now.

    “Keep running, scumbags! Make it easier for us! Ha!”

    Those were the Gazimon, and though they were certainly threatening, they did not move Ross to any real fear. The fear came from the Commander, as for the first time Ross heard his voice. It came on a wind from his back that picked up suddenly: the darkest laugh he had ever heard. It was in one sense quiet, and barely reached the ear, and yet it pushed other sounds and even other senses out of the mind. It felt malicious to the point where it was nauseating, and after a few moments Ross nearly despaired and collapsed.

    But then a roar came from in front of him, and the wind died down. “Keep moving!”

    It was BlackAgumon, and it was enough for Ross to regain control of his muscles and push on. They ran a mere twenty yards further when BlackAgumon stopped and studied the rock wall in front of him. He muttered, “This is it,” and began to climb. “Toss up your spear. This is where we’ll hold them off.”

    Ross nodded. His heart was beating so hard that it hurt, but he wasn’t about to give up and wait at the bottom for the Commander to catch up. He took a step back and threw his spear over the top of the wall, where it landed safely. He then clambered after BlackAgumon, and with some difficulty he reached the wide, deep shelf some fifteen feet above the bottom. After taking a moment to catch his breath he grabbed his spear again, and then he noticed the statues.

    They were each twice the size of a grown man, and they stood at opposite ends of the stone platform. On the left was an angel with two wings—in contrast to Angemon’s six. With its long right arm it pointed at and slightly above the other statue, which was a cowering, sickly, man-like figure squatting over a beast’s carcass. Ross had no time to contemplate the statues, as BlackAgumon brought him back to the danger at hand. “Get the bow ready! This is our chance!”

    Ross felt in his jacket pocket for the bolts and stumbled back to the edge of the wall. He unslung the crossbow and with great effort pulled the string back to the catch. He set the bolt, and looked down into the ravine. The Commander and the Gazimon were just visible some fifty yards away, vague figures of gray among the shadows. Ross lined up the Commander with the bow’s two sights.

    But the Commander would not stay in line. He would run, and Ross’s hands could not stop shaking. On top of that, when Ross would get the rare two seconds when the shot was perfect, his finger on the trigger would go limp. He motioned with his lips, ‘Not human. He’s not human. It’s not human,’ but to no avail. His finger didn’t believe him.

    “What are you doing!” cried BlackAgumon. “Shoot him!”

    Ross gritted his teeth, and swore at himself. Without knowing why, he turned his aim away from the Commander and picked out one of the Gazimon. He lined up the sights, pulled the trigger, and the bolt flew straight from the bow and into its target’s forehead.

    BlackAgumon was furious. “Damn it! What’s the matter with you?”

    The two pursuers were now twenty five yards away from the wall, which was too close for Ross to get another shot, but just close enough for BlackAgumon. He reared his head, and Ross backed out of the way. The sheer size and heat of the white blast took Ross by surprise as he watched it light up the ravine. It flew straight, and for a moment it seemed that their luck had changed. And then out of nowhere the fire veered to the right and engulfed the remaining Gazimon instead of its intended target. The Commander was utterly undaunted by his subordinate’s dying scream and approached the final stretch.

    BlackAgumon, with teeth steaming and shaking, said, “Grab your spear. Get ready.”

    Ross fumbled for his spear and staggered to his feet, but he wasn’t ready. When he looked up, the Commander was hanging in midair with sword drawn. BlackAgumon managed to fire a small shot at him, but a wave of his left arm sent this flame wide as well. The Commander landed from his twenty-foot leap with ease, and a swing of his iron blade sent BlackAgumon jumping back.

    From there things happened far too quickly. The Commander turned and dashed at Ross, who just barely raised his spear in time to block the sword. Amid the fury of swings and thrusts, Ross caught a glimpse of the Commander’s face with its scars, bandages, and manic grin. Then Ross blinked once and the sword was too close for him to stop. He cried out when it slashed his arm, and then a swift punch to the gut knocked all the breath out of him. He staggered to the side of the mountain, fell over, and nearly blacked out.

    Ross heard the sounds of a struggle, and when his eyes focused again he saw that the Commander had BlackAgumon pinned to a boulder by the neck with one hand, and was ready to stab with the other. When Ross tried to move a jolt of pain came from his abdomen that was too much to overcome. He had to listen to what happened next.

    “It seems there’s been a misunderstanding, little one—is it BlackAgumon? The last time I checked, you were supposed to be working for me.

    It was the same despicable voice as that laugh. It made Ross wish that he had blacked out after all.

    “If I’d known they were going to make us report to someone like you I would have left years earlier.”

    The Commander laughed. “You left? Whatever made you think you could truly leave? You are Virus, you are Child level, and that means you are mine. If you don’t give me any more trouble, I might just stab you to death and leave it at that. Your comrades the Gazimon will hate me for punishing a traitor so lightly, but such is the price of being merciful!”

    The Commander grinned all the wider at his own parody of self-sacrifice. BlackAgumon was unmoved. “I won’t die in answer to a snake like you. You would make slaves of us all, you and that warped council that sent you here!”

    The Commander’s grin diminished, and his eyes grew harsher. “You have no say in the matter. I will command, and you will obey.” With those last words, his voice lost its dark mirth and gained a darker anger. “Show me your true self.”

    A breeze sprung up out of nowhere. BlackAgumon’s eyes began to flicker around the edges, and he jerked his head back and forth. “No! You can’t make me!”

    “What’s the matter? You don’t like the Gift of the Virus? Is that why you tried to flee to the service of the Forbidden City, traitor?

    BlackAgumon clawed at the stone behind him and let out a pained groan, trying to keep control. His eyes were growing cloudier when the breeze became a strong wind.

    Show yourself!

    BlackAgumon’s body broke into spasms, and his eyes finally turned completely red and glowed bright. With this the Commander’s grin returned, and he tossed BlackAgumon aside with a loud laugh. BlackAgumon sprung to his feet, and with a deafening roar he charged at the Commander.

    Ross shut his eyes, but not before he saw what happened. The Commander thrust his sword straight into BlackAgumon’s mouth and pierced his brain. Ross’s head spun. He wanted to forget everything that had happened since he came to this miserable place.

    The Commander pulled his sword out of BlackAgumon’s head and stepped over to where Ross was lying. Ross found himself pulled up by the neck, which brought further and more intense pain from his gut. He opened his eyes and looked at his enemy, who seemed to be having the time of his life.

    “What…are you?”

    “Isn’t it obvious? I’m a human sent from the World of Creators to lead the Virus to victory over the Forbidden City.”

    Ross didn’t believe him for a second. No person from his own world could ever have done what he had. No one could take the full force of a lightning bolt and use it to turn a giant dinosaur into an even larger, metal dinosaur. “You’re not human. That’s impossible.”

    The Commander scoffed at him. “You don’t think so? I do hope I haven’t gone too native; I’ve only been here for a year, after all.”

    “I don’t believe you.”

    “Think about all the other ‘impossible’ things you’ve undoubtedly seen since you got here. Is one other human who knows a few humble parlor tricks really so farfetched?”

    This was pointless, Ross thought. His side was crying out in pain, and more than anything else he wanted it all to be over.

    “You talk too much, you sick bastard.”

    “Ha! You’re absolutely right, of course. And for that matter, I suppose your time’s about up, anyway. Nothing personal; it’s just unfortunate that you happened to land on the wrong side of the war. Can’t call you a traitor, so no ironic execution for you. I’ll make this quick.”

    The Commander raised his sword, which was still caked in blood. He aimed the tip right between Ross’s eyes, and held it in place for several seconds. At first Ross just stared at the blade, but when nothing happened his eyes strayed back to the Commander’s face. There was something odd in his eyes, some momentary flash of apprehension. But then they were back to normal. “I’ll be damned. The sword says it isn’t your time yet, after all.”

    Ross got no chance to say anything to this. The Commander tossed him to the ground, and kicked him so that he rolled on his stomach. “Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this, though!”

    With that the Commander swung his sword and carved a gash across Ross’s chest. Ross cried out in agony, and the Commander simply laughed some more before he walked back to the rock wall and jumped down.

    Though his entire body protested as he did so, Ross turned his head to catch one last look at BlackAgumon. At that moment the moon came out from behind a cloud, and Ross knew then that his eyes must be deceiving him. BlackAgumon was not only dead, but was fading from existence. Over the course of ninety agonizing seconds, Ross saw the body disappear entirely. All that was left was the pool of blood.

    He looked back up to the sky. The pain did not subside. His eyes welled up with tears, and he could feel his own blood trickling down beneath his shirt. For a moment his thoughts went out to Joanie, and he was certain that she was dead, as were the kids, and Jacob, and Agumon, and probably even Garurumon. He was alone, and if he kept bleeding he was sure to die along with the others.

    As his senses began shutting off, he was filled with one thought only, and that was revenge. He wanted desperately to chase after the Commander, to break his arms and knees and then tear his throat out. Even as he finally slipped into unconsciousness, he was still cursing the Commander with every word he knew for it.
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