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    It doesn't matter if you only like 2 games of the franchise, you still count as a fan. However, I think it's reasonable to think that someone who likes more of the franchise is a "bigger" fan than someone who only likes 2 of them. They still both are fans of it, the only difference being that one of them is a bigger geek than the other.


    Hey, I took offense to that mocking of my quote, but that wasn't the reason I responded, I just wanted to get him to calm down a little. Of course, responding probably fueled the fire, but I felt that I should've at least said what I think.
    Anyways, I agree, it is a good thread, and I believe that addressing the problems is the best way to fix them. Maybe those who read this might start paying attention to their own behavior, and we'll be able to have a more unified community.

    Gawd, I sound like a hippy.
    But yeah, peace. I've been to a certain board on the internet, and I am completely disgusted by the disunity of the Pokemon fans, and I'd really hate to see this place fall apart like that. (Although I doubt it, since the moderation is more careful.)
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