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Vera Fayos

Vera watched as the battle unfolded. It could go either way. But, when things started to look bad, a massive black flame emerged above the sky line. Just what is going on down there. Vera decided it was time to assess things from a closer perspective, and set out to see what happened.

"What are you going to do, Sovereign?" She sounded very serious. "Alright, I warned you," he said as the earth began to shake. Vera quickly realized that he was starting an earthquake, and swiftly jumped as far as she could to avoid taking damage. She knew Sovereign could take care of himself, and left to orchestrate the battle that would determine the fate of her former home. She made her way to a decent vantage point where she called down a Archeops. She used him to pass orders around the battlefield, carefully moving the pieces to try and win the battle at any cost. She then received news that made her blood boil. "Miss Vera, Genevieve has issued orders to the contrary. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. They're set on those orders." Vera grabbed the Archeops by the neck and pulled him close. "You listen to me you miserable little whelp! Tell that harlot that she needs to stay out of this. She's not going to win this battle by batting her eyes at an army!"

Before she could make it far, there was a massive explosion. It was blinding. This whole situation was very unsettling. However, there was something comforting about seeing Albia in flames. All the years of mistreatment, all the abuse, all of it would be gone.

Then something happened that shook her to her very core. A fear washed over her that she had only felt twice in her entire life. A wicked, distorted roar echoed across the battlefield. Sovereign. No! She suddenly took off in the opposite direction, knowing full well that every second that passed was another second closer to losing her only friend in the world.