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Update 3
Trained Aerodactyl to 50
Trained Charmander to 40
Charmander evolve to Charmeleon and then to Charizard
Trained Squirtle to 50
Squirtle evolve to Wartortle and then to Blastoise
Trained Bulbasaur to 50
Bulbasaur evolve to Ivysaur and then to Venusaur
Caught the second Snorlax and named him Lax II
Trained Lax II to 50
Went with Sparky, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Lax II and Aerodactyl faced the League
Put Venusaur in front
Faced Lorelei and defeated all but Jynx with Venusaur and defeat Jynx with Charizard.
Faced Bruno and kept Venusaur in front and defeated the first Onix with Venusaur
Defeated Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan with Aerodactyl
Defeat the 2nd Onix with Blastiose
Defeated Machamp with Pikachu who is lvl 57 and Sparky took it down to the yellow but Machamp KO him and sent Blastoise to finish him off.
Faced Agatha and Put Lax II in the front and it defeated all but Golbat and Pikachu took it out.
switch Lax II for Sparky places
Face Lance Defeat Gyrados with Pikachu.
his first Dragonair was taken down with Blastoise but had a bit of trouble as i sacifised (Can't spell the word) a few just to take it down
next he sent the second Dragonair and Lax II took it down with a Few Earthquake
He brought out His Aero out and I put Blastoise out to take him out but had quite a bit of dificut with him as i was down to 2 pokemon my Charizard and the second one i'm not sure who but i'm thinking Blastoise maybe who took it out
I used 4 revives on the 4 pokemon thaty has fainted and used 4 Full restore on them and place Venusaur in front.
Face Rival Gary
Venusaur destroyed Sandslash with a solorbeam
switch Venusaur for Lax II and Lax II destroyed Alakazam
Kept Lax II and destroy Ninetales
then switch Lax II for Charizard and destroyed Exeggutor
put Lax out and destroy Magneton and switch for Pikachu
the Final Face off Pikachu vs Vaporeon and Sparky lost and Venusaur then beat Vaporeon
Defeated Gary
Went into Cerulean Cave and Caught Mewtwo with the Masterball

Current Team
Sparky - Pikachu Lvl 57

Seismic Toss
Thunder Wave

Venusaur Lvl 52

Take Down
Razor Leaf

Charizard Lvl 51

Fire Blast

Blastoise Lvl 52

Skull Bash
Hydro Pump

Aerodactyl Lvl 50

Wing Attack
Take Down
Hyper Beam

Lax II - Snorlax Lvl 51

Body Slam

Now that the N run is done I'll go back to my Grinding Challenge
I might do Do Crystal later
Pokemon Fire Red Hack
-3rd Gen game
- more rival
- New Tiles
- New Trainer sprites
- New Map for Hoenn (replace Sevii islands)
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Gym leaders
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Elite four and Champions

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