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I started my White 2 nuzlocke, and it's surprisingly easier than Crystal.

Got my 4th Badge(Elesa).
I also caught the DW Minccino for my Route 5 Pokemon, it's after beating Elesa, so that's why I mentioned it.

Dewott(Torrent) Lv.34
Return, Fury Cutter, Revenge, Aqua Jet

Minccino(Skill Link) Lv.33
Doubleslap, Sing, Encore, Wake-Up Slap

Electabuzz(Static) Lv.32
Work Up, Light Screen, Low Kick, Shock Wave

Golbat(Inner Focus) Lv.33
Wing Attack, Bite, Astonish, Confuse Ray

Duosion(Magic Guard) Lv.32
Future Sight, Psyshock, Recover, Return

Krokorok(Moxie) Lv31
Crunch, Swagger, Work Up, Sand Tomb

Asperita Town-Obtained an Oshawott
Route 19-Caught a Purrloin
Route 20-Killed a Sewaddle
Floccessy Ranch-Caught a Lillipup
Virbank Complex-Caught an Elekid
Castelia Sewers-Caught a Zubat
Relic Path-Caught a Roggenrola
Castelia City-Caught a Pidove
Route 4-Caught a Sandile
Desert Resort-Caught a Maractus (yay)
Relic Castle-Caught a Yamask
Route 16-Caught a Solosis
Lostlorn Forest-Caught a Petilil
Route 5-Caught a Minccino (Hidden Hollow)

Maractus Lv.19
Yamask Lv.20
Herdier Lv.24
Petilil Lv.17

Purrloin Lv.3-8-Died to Rival in Foccesy Ranch
Tranquill Lv.15-29-Died to Critical hit from one on Elesa's trainers
Roggenrola Lv.17-26-Died to trainer in Desert Resort