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    Jerome just stared at the man with an item that could revive the dead. He had killed that Zigzagoon there was no way someone could just patch it up and save it. It had to be dead by the time he had left the battlefield with the Ralts. After standing there in shock for a second he looked at the nurse and said, “I have no idea who he is… much less what that item is that he used to revive the Ralts. His Zigzagoon… it was dead too… I killed it while trying to save the Ralts, but now it’s alive.” There was a moment of silence, and Jerome looked over at the empty care center where the Ralts had been. “Wait, where did the Ralts go?” asked Jerome realizing the Pokemon was not there anymore.

    The nurse pointed down at the still Pokeball at Jerome’s feet and said, “While you were watching that strange gentleman, your Pokemon walked up to the Pokeball and returned herself. I know this isn’t my business, but I want to know: why did you allow her to be almost killed like that? Why didn’t you just recall her before it got that bad?”

    Jerome leaned over and picked up the Pokeball and looked at it for a second, “Allow her to almost be killed? No I saved her… she was being attacked by that Zigzagoon and I stepped in to stop it. I couldn’t recall her since she was a wild Pokemon… until now.”

    “Wait, she wasn’t your Pokemon? You brought a wild shiny Ralts into the PokeCenter without catching it first?” asked the nurse a little surprised. She had just realized for all intents and purposes if anyone had used a Pokeball on the Ralts, including herself, that Ralts would have been that person’s Pokemon instead of Jerome’s.

    “Yes, she wasn’t under my care until a few seconds ago, and I hadn’t tried to catch her… I just wanted to save her life,” replied Jerome as he continued to stare at the red and white sphere while thinking about how he had to take care of two Pokemon since he felt like he couldn’t even take care of the Torchic right now.

    “If you don’t want her I’ll take her! I would love a shiny Ralts. I promise to take care of her. I can give you…um…uh…something, anything for her! All my friends would so jealous please!” exclaimed the young nurse as she started day dreaming about owning a shiny Gardevoir.

    Jerome was taken a bit off guard by the nurse’s reaction and he lifted an eyebrow at the sudden outburst from the nurse. “That is her choice, not mine,” said Jerome as he started to feel the pain medications wearing off. He then pushed the center button releasing his new Ralts onto the ground. The sky blue haired Ralts looked up at Jerome with a smile. “This nurse wants to be your trainer. I know you chose me, I am honored, but I feel it is best to give you the choice. You can stand with me, go with her, or if you like I can take you somewhere in the forest where you feel safe and let you go.”
    The Ralts stood there staring at Jerome for a second as she thought about the question. At first she thought Jerome didn’t want her, and he seemed unsure about taking care of her. However he did seem to care for her. The nurse on the other hand desired her. The Ralts could feel the level of desire the nurse had for her. Lastly there was the option of freedom. She had left her family behind to prove she wasn’t just a helpless little odd colored runt, who couldn’t take care of herself. She failed in that aspect since she ended up almost dying (she doesn’t know she did die). Had she rushed to be her savior’s servant since she felt safe around him?

    Suddenly the nurse had an idea and grabbed something from the counter and offered it to the Ralts. It was a delicious looking candy bar. The Ralts stared at the candy bar bribe for a second and then made her decision. Looking up at Jerome she pointed her right arm at him signaling her choice. The nurse had a huge frown on her face as she turned around and left after she had been rejected by her dream pokemon.

    Jerome looked down at the Ralts and asked, “Are you sure? I will do the best I can do to protect you, but I’m poor and I can’t even put a real roof over your head or guarantee you that you will always be fed.” The Ralts responded by hugging Jerome’s leg while gently putting her undersized horn on his leg, when she did this Jerome swore he very faintly felt her emotions. She was worried about her future, but sure in her choice. She seemed to appreciate and already liked him. The Ralt’s choice revolved around the fact he made her feel safe, and she felt like he would respect her as a living being, where the nurse would treat her as some sort of pet. This man had given her the ability to choose her path instead of forcing her down one. That alone was reason enough to choose him in the Ralt’s mind.

    Just then the unhappy nurse returned with Jerome’s other Pokeball and the man thanked the young lady before turning to leave. The Ralts followed after Jerome out of the PokeCenter staying a step or two behind her new master. Once outside Jerome said, “I guess I need to give you a name too,” as he looked down at the Ralts. The Ralts much to his surprise shook her head. “You do not want a name?” asked the surprised Jerome. The Ralts nodded so Jerome said, “You would prefer me to just call you Ralts?” The Ralts shook her head to say no. This left Jerome confused as he thought for a moment. “Do you already have a name?” asked Jerome trying to figure out what the Ralts was trying to tell him. The Ralts nodded her head with a huge smile.

    The Ralts then motioned to her hair then the sky and then back to her hair. It took Jerome a little time to realize she was telling him her name had to do with the sky due to her hair color. She seemed ok with the name Sky, but Jerome sensed she wanted something a little bit fancier. He assumed she wanted the name given to her by her parents, or whoever named her before. So Jerome spent several minutes going over made up names that integrated sky into it. Finally the Ralts indicated the name “Skyna” was close and sounded good to her so she symbolized this with a rapid nod followed by hugging Jerome’s leg again.

    After discovering Skyna’s name Jerome remembered to release his Torchic. The Ralts and Torchic looked at each other for a second and made a few sounds before the Torchic just walked off to go peck the ground. The Ralts didn’t seem too offended, but she decided to stay next to Jerome who was starting to show signs of being in pain. Skyna noticed this and looked up at her new master with concern. Just then a kid walked up and addressed the rag tag group.

    “Ok now it’s time to duel now that your ugly Pokemon is ok,” said the kid who looked to be around 10 years old. The kid was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a base ball cap that was on backwards. All his clothes were an eye sore color of orange, while his skin was rather pale. It was surprising that Jerome hadn’t spotted him a mile away. “Go Killer!”yelled the boy as he released his Zigzagoon. The Pokemon happily bounced around the boy.

    Jerome sighed and said, “Magnus… we have ourselves another fight.” The Torchic looked up just as the Ralts let out a little cry. Looking down Jerome noticed the Ralts seemed a little offended Jerome had chosen the Torchic over her. Jerome nodded and said, “Never mind Magnus, Skyna has this one.” Jerome pulled out his Pokedex to get information on the Ralts as Skyna turned toward the overly happy Zigzagoon, who was licking his owner to death.

    “C’mon Killer use bite on that Ralts… just like that other one… this should be easy,” said the boy complaining at his Pokemon for the way it was acting. The Zigzagoon nodded and then suddenly charged off toward the Ralts. Skyna glowed with Psychic energy as she picked up the Zigzagoon and then hit it against the ground. This didn’t seem to do much to the Zigzagoon, and Skyna tried again. After this second try didn’t seem to do almost anything, the Ralts began to panic as the Zigzagoon closed in. Skyna froze in fear as the creature opened its mouth to bite down on her.

    Skyna closed her eyes in fear, but never felt any pain. Opening her eyes after a few seconds she saw Magnus looking at her with a silly grin on his face. The Zigzagoon had bitten and latched into the Torchic’s rear end, but what was making the Torchic grin despite the pain was soon heard. A loud “pfffft” sound came from the Torchic’s rear and the Zigzagoon’s eyes instantly began to water as it let go. A second later the Zigzagoon started to run all over the place spitting on the ground as it ran. The Torchic turned and then released a barrage of five tiny fireballs at the Zigzagoon that was still trying to recover from the “toxic” attack.

    “That is not fair! Its two verses one you’re breaking the rules!” yelled the kid in a fit of anger.

    Jerome was trying not to laugh as he said, “No I just switched pokemon…” He then kneeled down painfully and picked up the Ralts, and put her on his right shoulder to keep her away from the fight. “Good try Skyna, but let Magnus deal with this fight,” whispered Jerome to his Ralts, who looked ashamed and discouraged by her performance.

    The Zigzagoon was blasted by three of the fireballs and it snapped out of its spitting frenzy. It then faced the now serious Torchic. “Zig!... Za!... Goon!” yelled the tiny raccoon Pokemon as it charged at the Torchic. The Zigzagoon launched itself headfirst at the Torchic, who hopped into the air. The Torchic’s timing was perfect as he came down his right foot pushed off the Zigzagoon’s head, once again sending the Torchic into the air allowing it to safety land behind the Zigzagoon. The Zigzagoon crashed into the ground and instantly was back on his feet and pounced at the Torchic. The Zigzagoon landed a bite on the Torchic’s left leg and the Torchic responded with a burst of fire to the Zigzagoon’s face. This made the Zigzagoon retreat with a pain filled screech that made Skyna cringe and move closer to Jerome’s head. Magnus pushed his advantage by unleashing a ruthless barrage of fireballs while moving forward at the Zigzagoon. The raccoon Pokemon could only back away a little before collapsing and curling up in a ball to try in protect its vitals from the Torchic’s flames.

    “Magnus enough… lets go,” said Jerome suddenly motioning for his Torchic to come with him.

    “Wait Killer isn’t down yet… get up Killer! Keep fighting!” yelled the kid not willing to admit defeat.

    “Why keep pushing him to fight?” asked Jerome he then added, “There is no reason to extend your Pokemon’s suffering. Magnus has him suppressed, and clearly has him out matched. Being only a minor duel with nothing at stake there is no reason to push your Pokemon until it passes out.”
    There was a hesitation before the kid muttered in a defeated voice, “Fine.” He then recalled his Pokemon, turned around, and left.

    Jerome then took Magnus to the PokeCenter for a quick healing. After that he finally headed back to the clinic to get his own wounds tended to. There he got a good scolding from the nurse and the doctor before they checked his wounds, gave him some pain medications, and set him on his way since none of his wounds were serious. After looking around he decided to “spoil” himself and his Pokemon for once and use what little money he had to rent a room instead of camping in the woods.

    The small “hotel” he got a room in wasn’t much more than a house with almost all the rooms turned into “hotel rooms.” However he wasn’t going to complain since it was a roof over his head, a place to take a warm… ok cold shower since the hot water heater was broken, and a bed to sleep on. Plus he still had 23 Pokedollars left after the room to buy some really cheap food later. Going through his back he pulled out three protein bars. He gave one of the bars to each of his Pokemon and kept one for himself. He flopped down on the old bed and started to eat, while his Torchic pecked at his bar. Skyna just stared at the food with a look of failure and fear on her face.

    Jerome sighed then picked up his Ralts and put her next to him on the bed before addressing her, “Skyna… don’t worry you will get better in time if you try. Besides me and Magnus here can protect you… I promise I’ll never abandon you. You trusted me with your life and I will not fail you.” The Ralts smiled a little and relaxed enough to start eating, but she felt some uncertainty and even a little fear in the human as he gave her a promise to protect her. Well he wouldn’t have to for long since she was going to work hard and get better.
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