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Fiona Cole

The heat beared down on the teenager, sweat dripping down from the edges of her face. Breathing heavily, Fiona straightened her back and rested her arms above her head. She took in deep and concise breaths as her childhood companion, her Doduo, followed right behind. It was early, even for morning. Fiona had just finished her routine morning jog, cutting it shorter than usual. She had somewhere to be this morning and she couldn’t afford to be late, besides, it’d be rather rude. Her house, well not really her house, but it might as well have been seeing as she was the only human inhabitant in the past two years. Luckily enough for her, monthly taxes and such aren't a problem, everything being prepaid and all. Anyways, back on topic, the house was now merely three minutes away at her current pace, perhaps one if she started jogging again.

Screw it. Her legs kicked up, starting at a casual jog before revving up to a full sprint. In about one-sixth of the estimated time, she had arrived at the front of her house. She took a deep breath, inhaling as much air as possible. By her side, her Doduo prodded into Fiona’s jogging shorts, retrieving a key with one of it’s heads. Thankful, she grabbed the key and opened the door, her Doduo running straight for the kitchen. Fiona closed the door and locked it before running up the stairs. Her jogging clothes felt so sticky and icky, she absolutely had to take a shower.

It was cold, refreshing, just what the doctor ordered. Her red hair, now dried, was resting lightly upon her shoulder. With a towel draped around her body, Fiona waltzed into her room, going straight for the closet. She picked out her usual attire, her black, strapless, one sleeved top and white shorts. Grabbing her pink cap from a wall rack, Fiona slipped into her comfortable moccasins positioned conveniently underneath. She grabbed a hair band from a nearby drawer and quickly pulled it back into a ponytail. Looping her ponytail into the hole, Fiona nudged her cap on until it sat comfortably upon her head.

Walking down the stairs, she could hear her Doduo rummaging through the fridge, might as well, they wouldn’t be back for awhile. Fiona walked into the living room, in search for her satchel, which she had dumped on a couch last night. As soon as she found it, she was startled by a sudden voice.

“Sorry, Fiona, didn’t mean to scare you there!” A rough, deep voice boomed through the computer screen behind her, with a hint of a laughter..

Catching her breath, Fiona turned and gave a deathly stare, “Oh my god, dad, you’re such an *******!” A small smile cracked through, “So what’s up?”

“Well today’s the big day isn’t it?” She nodded in reply. “Well, I don’t have much time, so Fi, good luck, I love ya, and keep in touch alright? You know the number right?”

“Alright, pap, love you too, and yeah I got it. She managed a smile and waved goodbye. With a simple gesture, her father disappeared from the screen. Fiona sighed, this was pretty standard of her dad, showing up for a mere minute or two, but she couldn’t blame him, he was working to support them both after all.

Her Doduo strolled into the living room, gulping down some sort of meat. Fiona didn’t get quite a good look, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to. Chuckling, she pulled out Doduo’s pokeball from her satchel’s strap. Catching him by surprise, Doduo was sucked back into the ball before he even had a chance to protest. She placed the ball back and lifted the bag over her shoulder. The entire house was silent, this was probably the last time she’d be here in for awhile, it felt pretty odd. As Fiona walked back into the corridor, she took her aviator shades from a nearby drawer and rested them in a relatively secure position on her top.

Stepping out the door, Fiona could see the volcano in the distance. Fortunately for her, the house was situated somewhat nearby Ms. Coal’s laboratory. At the most, it was an intermediate walk, talking 45 minutes perhaps?

Time to well, kill time. Let's see, who else was going to be there this morning? Err... names were blank, yeah she wasn't great on that cater gory. If anything though, she knew there were at least four others, wait was it five? Five, she decided, definitely five.

Suddenly, she felt a slight tingle against her thigh where her bag was. Reaching into the satchel, Fiona pulled out her phone revealing a text message, from a random number?

##########: Hey Fi, babes, Mona here. I really, really need some advice on this... blah blah blah blah blah.

Fiona chuckled, the text had reminded her although it was already summer and she was no longer confined to long, monotonous hours of dealing with complete turds this was a great chance to completely get away from said turds. What a great opportunity, seriously. She wanted to throw the phone away, get a new one and not have to deal with the unwanted texts but she had no choice. A few valuable contacts were in that phone and surely she couldn’t remember them all until she got a new one. Tucking the phone back into the satchel, Fiona looked up from her walk.

There it was, the laboratory! Wow, that went by fast. By the door, Fiona could make out a figure, a human figure? Getting closer she realized it was indeed a human figure, in fact it was Ambella Coal! And who was that next to her? Was that, Lt. Surge? No, no it couldn't have been, Surge was more muscular than this guy. Was he some sort of Surge wannabe or something? Bad Fiona! she thought, she hated whenever she judged people but it was just sort of happened, like a reflex. As she approached, Fiona gave a polite smile and wave.