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Brock. Whilst Brock and women could get annoying at times it was far more entertaining than anything that Cilan does (and yes the paradise song is hilarious). On top of that he served more of a purpose as a mature guide for his inexperienced companions. I do understand why he had to go though, his character was finished, he had basically reached his final goal and had to go to a fixed location to study.

Cilan is a bad attempt at attempting to re-create Brock (there someone said it). He has a terrible appearance and just the metaphors :@ are intolerable. I do admit Dwebble (yet to see it as Crustle) is awesome though :D.

It's funny that everyone is saying that Cilan is interesting and new and that they preferred Brock in Gen 1 but then he got boring because THIS is basically Cilan's Gen 1, it is the first time he has appeared if he were to be around in one or two more generations you'll be making the same criticisms towards him (trying not to be offensive when I say that).