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But now I'm curious, I was doing a Duo Species and the grinding was so tedious and I got this question, what do you guys think of using cheats and other 'illegal' means (such as rare candies, X5 exp,lvl 100 enemies with lvl 3 defenses to level up quickly?)to speed up grinding on challenges? Quite frankly I don't think it's too much of a deal unless you're doing a run that depends on time or on the faint = permadeath idea, because otherwise you're just speeding up a boring process
That'd be boring and I wouldn't allow it, really. What would be the point of the challenge if you could just cheat and gain levels so quickly? I think it's fine if you're on an emulator to use the space bar and speed up the game, but that's not altering the exp gain or anything really. Rare Candy is fine as long as it's not hacked in by the dozens haha. I mean, I Pickup grind Rare Candy when I do challenges on RS, but that still takes a while. I don't even use them till the end anyway, so eh.

In all fairness, all the challenges with the catch the first mon (only) rule are either limiting your team or making you use Pokemon you never used before and they always have a side rule to help to make it challenging
But that's the point of them. That's their way of being challengeing. I have no problem with the baby Pokemon challenge, even though it's restricting, if that's what you're pining at.

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