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Originally Posted by botnaeasy View Post
i change setvar 0x8005 0x1 to 0x8005 0x2. when i made givepokemon script its working great. Gave me ivisaur (0x2), but in wildbattle missigno.
It's kinda hard to understand what you're trying to say... You want to script a battle with a Bulbasaur? In that case,

wildbattle 0x1 0x5 0x0
should work. You really don't need to use a var for wild battles, either; even if you have "if" statements, it might just be easier for now to hard code it make a custom "wildbattle" for each "if", instead of setting a var, and potentially having a MissingNo.. The case may be that the "wildbattle" command just doesn't accept vars, period. I don't know, so try it without them.