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Not a super update, but I played the other night and got Vulpix and Jolteon to level 25 and lost against Morty lmao. YAY? :)

Edit 1: Okay, this time I actually beat Morty, then I caught my next party member! I'm still gonna play tonight, but I'm long overdue for a good update, so here we go...also gonna post the ball they're in, cause you know, I realized that getting the right balls, even playing as a female lol, is a major part of the challenge...alright here:

Plater: Alli
Game: SoulSilver
Gender: Female

Megan / Bayleef (f) lv. 31 @ Miracle Seed
Razor Leaf, PoisonPowder, Cut, Synthesis

Kiara / Vulpix (f) lv. 27
Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Wil-O-Wisp, Headbutt

Anice / Jolteon (f) lv. 28
Thundershock, Shadow Ball, Sand-Attack, Headbutt

Berta / Miltank (f) lv. 21
Rollout, Defense Curl, Stomp, Milk Drink

Gonna work on getting a Fire Stone, getting Berta caught up, and evolving Megan. :)

Edit 2: Added assigned genders to Frontier facilities. I can't believe I forgot them. @[email protected] Also, I think I'm going to leave this challenge as an HGSS challenge, just because if you do this in another game, there's not as many Pokeballs to get (except maybe in BW/2) so yeah. Hooray for game specific challenges! I will eventually update the list of Pokemon to gen IV national dex though, to allow for trading in Pokemon that aren't in the game normally. Also, I changed two of the balls. I meant for the Fast Ball to be for girls and the Level Ball for guys, and I somehow got them mixed up. So I noticed and fixed that. If you've already caught something in one of those balls, don't worry about it. Anyway though, that's all I have for today. Might make another progress update as I plan on playing SS for most of the day.

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