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My favourites are: Surskit's family, Manectric, Crawdaunt and Glalie

I don't care that Surskit is ridiculously rare and Masquerain is useless in battle; they're just so adorable.

Manectric has a simple design, is a good electric type, making it all around awesome.

Crawdaunt remains a favourite of mine. Despite being fairly useless in gen 3 (due to it being a physical attacker with special typing), I still love my giant crab monster <3

Glalie may have terrible stats, but it's still my favourite ice-type.

My least favourites are: Mightyena, Dusclops and Seviper

Mightyena is so... uninspiring. It doesn't even have great stats to save it from its boring design.

When I first evolved my Duskull, I thought "THIS is what my sweet little Duskull evolves into!?"

I honestly don't mind the way Seviper looks, but its frailty and poor typing make me weep.
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