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As much as I loved episode 10, I still find episode 9 my fav ep thus far.

~ Episode 9
I like it when main characters not trying to stand out surprises everyone (sort of like the fight in ep 8). So the dual wield was nice, and I loved the battle after he pulled out Liz's sword. And when his health bar was shown at the end of the fight... chills...
We also got some very nice Kirito and Asuna moments (I loved it there at the end when she was clinging to him and wouldn't let go). I liked how Kirito was like "On second thought... don't sale your stuff, I won't get anymore.". And I died laughing when he asked if Klein was lagging. Because for me when it comes to online games that's what does me in a good bit (in this case CoD). In fact it's my in my GamerTag/PSN Name/Steam/etc.

~ Episode 10
That's not to say I didn't love ep 10, a lot happened and I was happy to see Kirito and Asuna hook up. Truth be told I was surprised that Kirito lost to Heathcliff. Thus far we've seen him solo a dungeon (ep 3), stand there while taking 50 hits and it do nothing to him (ep 4), have no probs with a dragon (ep 7), broke a weapon with no prob in a dual (ep 8), and finished off a boss that likely had 75% of it's health still there (ep 9). I guess he did lose to a sandwich in episode in episode 6, and lost to Asuna in episode 8, but that's beside the point. XD
So you can see why I'm surprised to see him lose. On top of that, no longer all black. ;.;

When Kuradeel popped up I knew he was going to try to kill Kirito. I thought Godfrey was in on it too because he's the one who wanted the warp crystals. But in any case Kuradeel did try to kill Kirito and Asuna saves the day. And then kissu. <3
Them back at the house was funny too. Asuna gets changed and he was like "Wait... this isn't what I wanted" even if it's what he asked for back in the canyon. XD

To ones who knows all when it comes to SAO... the 67th Floor came up twice in episode 9. I'm wondering, is the 67th Floor boss covered in the LNs? If it is then was it some sort of flashback or did the anime just skip it all together?

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