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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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    Fonse Loneheart
    Chapter One - A Journey... How Amusing

    Cinnabar Island: "The Fiery Town of Burning Desire"

    "This is the millionth time I've read this sign... It never gets better..."


    Fonse takes a small letter out of his pocket, which is damp because of the ridiculous heat that has been around lately... It's so hot that he's actually considering taking his scarf off.

    "Bla, bla, bla, lab, bla, bla, bla, meet, bla, bla, bla, Ambella." Fonse says while quickly pronouncing only the words he considers important.

    "Goon!" The brown raccoon yells, as cheerful as always.

    "Well, it shouldn't take us a lot before we find the lab..." Fonse whispers, putting the small letter back in his pocket.

    The duo begins to walk around the island... There wasn't much that called their attention, as the island itself was very boring at Fonse's eyes. Goony Goo was happily hoping behind him as they slowly approached the Pokemon Center. They stopped next to it as Fonse pulled an Oran Berry and threw it at Zigzagoon.

    "Eat." He said in his cold-voice tone, yet Goony wasn't hesitant of eating something at all, as he quickly devoured the small berry.

    He still couldn't process the fact that he was chosen by Ambella Cole, or the fact that he would have to run around Kanto like those 10 year old kids who just got a Rattata and think they're the masters of the universe... Fonse let go a sigh before leaning against a wall of the Pokemon Center. He's still unsure of how his mother convinced him to accept... After all, journeying around is not something he's very willing to do... But his mother said it would be a nice experience, and she's never wrong with assumptions...

    His thoughts were interrupted by a small drip of sweat that ran all over his face, clashing with his scarf. I hope there's conditioned air in the lab... Or else I'll flip tables, he thought.

    "Let's go Goony Goo..." he suddenly said while stepping away from the wall, Goony Goo jumped with joy and began following him quickly after that.

    They had soon finally arrived at a white building, which he was sure was the lab, as there were already some people outside of it, with a woman dressed in red which was surely Ambella Coal.

    He decided to not pay much attention to any of the persons around, not that he really wanted, though, he just wanted to go somewhere where the heat is not as ridiculous as fast as possible, so he leaned against a wall while Goony Goo laid over his shoes, preparing to take a nap.

    This... Is... So... Boring.