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    Irwin Macalister
    Cinnabar Island

    It was a quiet morning, Irwin slept soundly in his bed without a care in the world. He thought that the day would probably go about like this for the remainder of the day. However, he would soon find out how wrong he was. Or rather than ‘soon’, how about, ‘right now’? Irwin gave off a dissatisfied grunt as the blindfolds to his windows were unmercifully snapped open. He squinted at the light that was bellowing in through the window, but with his typical facial-expression it may be hard to believe that he could squint more that he already did. Despite that, he still manages to do it.

    The red-haired teen peeked out his head from under the thin bed sheet currently covering his body to find a familiar shape standing before him. The figure of his mother met him with the usual smile that was covering her lips, some liked to say that this was the most striking resemblance between Irwin and his mother, and he could agree on that.

    “Good morning Irwin.” She said and walked up to his bed.

    “Urrgh, why so sudden with the wake-up call mom?” Irwin chuckled tiredly.

    “Because today is a special day, remember?” His mother chuckled back.

    Irwin tried to muster all of his brain-power in order to answer this question. However, as it was early in the morning, Irwin found himself unable to muster such power and gave up after a few seconds of thinking.

    “I’ll bite, what is it?” Irwin answered. Wait, ‘I’ll bite?’ That’s strangely old fashioned, isn’t it? I mean, who uses it anymore? Anyways, Irwin’s mother looked at her son without seemingly changing her facial-expression,

    “Today is the day of your new journey!”


    The morning moved on at its usual pace and order. Irwin got up from bed; he put his clothes on and then ate breakfast. He had already packed all of his stuff in advance, clothes, toothbrush and some other stuff. Basically, he had packed everything essential for journeying throughout the entirety of Kanto. Irwin had fret a bit that his backpack would overpower him and thus become very hard to carry. As he slipped it onto his back before walking to the door, Irwin felt that it was moderately heavy. Or at least light enough for him to carry it without much problem.

    “Goodbye sweetie…” His mother said as Irwin walked up to the door. He looked at her but said nothing for a while. The teen examined his mother’s face, it was on the border to becoming old, and it had a few traces of soon-to-be wrinkles around the mouth-area and the forehead. Her eyes looked both happy and sad at the same time, presumably because her son was going on an adventure, all alone. Or rather, with people he probably didn’t know. Irwin could tell that his mother was afraid of losing him, just like she had lost her husband. The death of Irwin’s father had really taken a lot out of her, it was almost as her only reason to live after he died was to take care of Irwin. Although she usually beamed with happiness towards others, it was mostly just a façade. In reality, Irwin wasn’t sure if leaving her would also cause her death, so he had been hesitant to agree on the whole thing. However, he had indeed been chosen and it was his duty to help out someone in need. Well, at least it felt like the right thing to do.

    “Goodbye mom…” Irwin said and hugged his mother. He wasn’t the tallest teen alive, but he still reached very well over her.

    “Are you sure you’ve got everything?” His mother asked, “You know it’s important with-”

    “Towels, toothbrushes, clean clothes among other things, yeah I know mom. You’ve told me like a thousand times throughout my life.” Irwin said with a smile.

    “I just want you to be as safe and sound as possible, you know that?”

    “Yes, I know. After all, what mother wouldn’t think like that?” Irwin said.

    His mother smiled and gave him one last hug and kiss before he went out the door with Gex by his side. The Treecko and Irwin waved goodbye before they disappeared in the mass of people that usually gathered on Cinnabar Island in the summer.


    “It is nice outside, isn’t it Gex?” Irwin smiled at the green lizard walking beside him. He liked to spend these moments alone with the Grass-type, it kind of felt like they were getting closer and closer to each other.

    “Treecko.” Gex replied.

    After walking for a while, the duo got up to their necks in tourists. Irwin mused that they now must be close to the market, if they weren’t already there. It was pretty hard to tell whether or not they actually were in the market-place, it was that many tourists. Irwin decided to return Gex for a while so that his green little companion wouldn’t get swept away by the steady stream of people. The Treecko was mildly happy about this.

    After getting out of the heavily crowded market-place – but not before buying some pretty nice cookies though – Irwin and Gex arrived at the place where they were supposed to be. The teen observed that there already were some people there. The first one Irwin noticed was a girl who looked, well, pretty average. Hey wait… Wasn’t she in his class or something? Maybe, Irwin hadn’t really paid much attention to her before if that was the case. She had red hair though, although it wasn’t flare-red like his, it was still pretty nice he guessed.

    Next up was a dude who looked very muscular. Wait… Was that Lt. Surge or something? Nah, it couldn’t be him, this dude was too young. He seemed to radiate a pretty tough aura, like that tough aura that could rip a person to shreds in about 0.10 seconds. Irwin made sure to not get on this guy’s bad side, which could prove… Fatal, to his lifespan.

    Then there was this other dude just standing around, looking bored as all hell. Maybe Irwin ought to cheer the dudemanbro up a little? Whatever the case, he seemed to be a bit chubby as well. However he didn’t seem the least bit jolly. Ah, whatever.

    Then we had the final guest for the party so far, a woman looking about 25 years old. This just had to be that Ambella Coal chick, either that or a really old… mission-outcarrier… What was the appropriate word for what they were anyway? In any case, Irwin decided that the best option would be to greet everyone in a nice and friendly manner, right off the bat. He would’ve considered trying to do a high five with somebody; however the presence of the Lt. Surge-looking guy made him nervous enough to not attempt to pull that stunt. Instead he raised his hand in sort of a “distance-greeting-manner” and said with a third of his mouth full with the remains of a cookie and a happy expression on his face,

    “Eeeeyy people, what’s up?!”