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    Genevieve L’esprit

    A brilliant flash blinded Genevieve. Her world at once radiantly bright, followed by impenetrable darkness. The blast of light was no mere coruscation, but a full blown explosion of noise and illumination. A shock wave of high pressure air discharged from the source, causing her to step back in response. Small bits of debris buffeted her flesh, sand gusting into her eyes, each small abrasion like sandpaper on the skin.

    Just as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished. The source was definitely one of instantaneous combustion. An explosion of some sort, not a lasting attack. As much as she would have loved to know its source, time and circumstance did not permit her such a luxury. Her vision continued to fail her as Gallant launched his offensive. She could sense him before she could see him, but it was too slow.

    Her breath left her lungs, the Sawk’s close combat technique hitting her squarely in the chest. The move knocked her back, landing firmly on her posterior. So rude. She slowly stood to face her opponent, her playful demeanor replaced by one of hatred and rage. Her left arm wrapped itself around her chest, the support a relief to the recently afflicted area. She was done toying with this one, he served her no other purpose but to die a quick and painful death.

    The blurred vision of her eyes finally cleared, the surroundings becoming fully illuminated to her. She inhaled a sharp painful breath, the air entering her lungs seemed cold and painfully dry. A psychic and a fighting type, she was right in thinking him a fool. A noble fool, but a fool none the less.

    The faint illumination of her psychic attack began to outline her body, her eyes glowed in response. The successful connection of his attack was painful, but Genevieve knew his defenses should have gotten weaker in response. She focused her power inwardly, the feeling as familiar and comforting as breathing. With the extension of her arm, the blast shot forth in visible distorting waves. As the attack paved its way to her target, an Archeops appeared on the fringes of battle.