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Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
Hi there, my grandmother was nice enough to buy me my Christmas gift early. So I've finally moved on from the Original DS, to a lovely purple 3DS.

My question is regarding using my 3DS to play my Pokemon White game, from what I understand the games consider the DS it was played on and the game as a 'set.' So I'm curious about any repercussions/wait times/issues I may have with my pal list.

Also are there any other places besides the Elite four, where I can train my Pokemon? I seem to have beaten most if not all of the trainers in the immediate area and I'm looking to raise several Pokemon to evolution level.
After beating the Elite Four, there are several places where you can train your Pokemon.

I recommend the inside forest area of Giant Chasm, with Level 50+ Audinos which give out a LOT of EXP points.

There's also rematches in Nimbasa's two stadiums as well as Cheren at Victory Road.
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