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    Hey there! I'm happy you're reading and enjoying my story. I haven't read any other fics featuring Professor Rowan exclusively, but I'm honored that you agree with how I portray him. Writing canon-based stories is interesting for me, because I like to balance the facts with the 'imaginary', so to speak. I put quite a bit of thought into my 1960s Sinnoh, so I'm sure you'll like what I have in store!

    And it's perfectly fine that you skipped ahead. Up until now, things have been moving pretty slowly, but they'll start picking up very soon. All the chapters so far have been building up towards something, and they contain quite a bit of information that'll be relevant for when the plot quickens. Keep that in mind if/when you do look back at them.

    So with that, welcome aboard! I'm glad you're interested, and hopefully each new chapter will continue to meet your expectations. (I set them for myself, but my readers raise the bar even further. xP)

    If you'd like to take a look at my other works, I feature some canon characters in my one-shots. They're old, though, so you might see a slight difference in writing quality. (Save for this story, I've been neglecting all other areas of fic writing lately, but I plan on starting up with one-shots again soon.) (Cheater) (Maids of the East Wing)

    Thanks for the review!
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