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17:02 droomph ozzy
17:02 droomph you're silly
17:02 droomph real men don't pee
17:02 droomph they simply absorb the urea and waste back in
17:02 droomph like a many man
17:02 droomph *manly
17:02 droomph and suck it up
17:02 droomph like a man
17:03 droomph jk that'll probably kill you
17:08 --- Ozzy is back
17:08 Ozzy why do you want me to die? ;;
17:08 droomph I didn't say that
17:08 droomph I just said holding your pee in
17:08 droomph will probably kill you
17:09 Ozzy Oh
17:09 droomph :D
17:09 Ozzy So you don't want me to die? ;o
17:09 droomph no
17:09 Ozzy aw you <3
17:09 droomph I want you to pee as much as possible
17:09 droomph so you don't die
17:09 droomph from kidney failure
17:09 Ozzy i don't want you to die either <3
17:09 droomph <3
17:09 droomph ≤3
17:10 droomph all real numbers
17:10 droomph that should be the new <3
17:10 droomph smilie
17:10 droomph because that has more values than
17:10 Ozzy Woah, less than OR equal to three?
17:10 droomph <3
17:10 droomph yeah
17:10 Ozzy Wow, you're serious about this
17:11 droomph yep
17:11 Ozzy I... I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment...


did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5