Thread: Research: Pre-Battle Mugshots in FireRed
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    Originally Posted by LugiaMZ
    For now I don't know how to make a script to call mugshot, I already inserted routine, can you write a example script to me and explain the command?

    All you have to do is change one thing in the trainerbattle command:

    trainerbattle 0x[battle type] 0x[Trainer ID] 0x0 [pointers to messages]
    That's the part in bold. Instead of that byte being 0x0 as it usually is, change it to 0x100, 0x200, 0x300, etc... depending on the slot of the palette you want to use in your table. So 0x100 would be the first palette...and so on.

    Another question, the 3rd background pallet routine I changed the 0x08FFFFFF to 0x08800000, so I need to write a pointer table? If that how to write the table to load my pallet? Or can directly change 0x08FFFFFF to my pallet offset?
    If you have put 800000 in place of the Fs, then the ASM will think that your table is at 0x800000. So starting at that offset, put the pointers to your palettes.
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