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Tao Duo Clan

Welcome to the Tao Duo Clan this clan dedicated to two out of three members of the Tao Trio. I feel thatReshiram is the symbol of not only Truth but hope as well. I feelthat Zekrom is not only the symbol of Ideals in the Pokemon universebut straight to those who seek it. That's how I see these twoPokemon in my eyes. So if your a fan of Reshiram and/or Zekrom feelfree to sign up.

1. Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Groups' rules.
2. Please don't spam, troll or harass.
3. Try to keep active!
4. Everyone can choose one partner Pokemon from the list upon joining (includes the ones you add!) and a nickname it if you want.
5. Enjoy!

Sign-Up Form
Partner Pokemon:
Reason for joining:
Answer the current topic!

List Of Pokemon

Members List
1. (Owner) xxReshiramxx
2. pokemonMasters
3. Hikari10
4. Seraphimon-sama
5. Dragon-T

List of topics that have been discussed

1. First topic who do you like better out of these two Reshiram or Zekrom and why?

Topic being discussed at the moment

Second question

When you first heard about Reshiram and Zekrom (before you knew what types they were) what type or type's did you expect them to have?

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