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Originally Posted by Arumus View Post
Any spaces available? Going to start getting into the role play shenanigans.
Unfortunately, no. We've just closed applications.

Originally Posted by PsychoJigglypuff View Post
I'm fine with Psycho, Jiggly, or PJ. It doesn't matter what people call me as long as I can tell when they're addressing me.

Originally Posted by Vato View Post
Just posted... Sorry if it's not lengthy or detailed enough... I didn't had much creative juices when writing it, but I'll make sure to do better posts in the future...
Don't worry about it~! It's fine to write in present tense, also.

Originally Posted by Kiklion View Post
I need to get my post up, but I was thinking maybe I could have some interaction with Auryn during it? If Auryn and Deandra are in the same class, maybe they'd have each other's phone numbers? Since they'll be the last to arrive, maybe Deandra can send her a text?
Hehe. That would surely be possible, if Auryn had a cellphone... Which I highly doubt she has. Her aunt doesn't believe in portable mechanics and would surely hate the pokédex if she was to see it ^^' They would absolutely greet each other when they arrive though, I think.
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