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✵ Cinnabar Island

It was early morning; the sun had just risen. A small 14 year old girl was tip toeing around the kitchen on the bottom floor of an old lighthouse. The rotating lantern at the top of the house had since long stopped working and as such, it was now just one constant beam of yellow light pointing out towards the sea somewhere. Through the mist over the morning water, the yellow beam could still be seen, sparkling together with the rays of the sun. But the girl had no time to look at pretty lights now. She had done that many times before.

The girl had wild, black hair that lay like a mantle over her shoulders and back and reached all the way down to her hips. She probably should have put it up into a thick pony tail (which would look more like a furry, black fox tail) but she had no time for that either. She was hurriedly making breakfast and hurling not a little food down into her big backpack, in boxes of course. She figured she'd need a lot on her journey, but wasn't sure how much her aunt would allow her to take if she was awake and here now.

Her "glasses" sat firmly on, as usual, and she wore a short but wide black dress and vividly red leggings. Carefully not to spill any food onto the clothing, she ate the last bit of breakfast and reached for the pokéball that lay on top of the kitchen table. The worried face inside had been blinking at her with large eyes for some time now. The girl just motioned for her friend to stay silent as she slipped the ball into a pocket on the dress, tip toed upstairs to brush her teeth and use the toilet (who knew when she would be able to do that in a house again?), and then reached for the well packed backpack and the long, gray coat. Then she left the white lighthouse just as the sun was turning warmer.

It was still chilly in the air, but she was excited and warm enough to not need the coat for now. Running towards Cinnabar Town in her simple, black ballet flats, the girl grew a wide smile on her face and dared to laugh out loud. She was on her way!

The reason she had been so careful and quiet in the morning was to not wake up her aunt. Lucia did not really want to let Auryn go, and would have made up any kind of reason to force her to stay. But here she was now, running like the wind, Remoraid in her pocket and...

That alone was a strange thing, Auryn thought as she entered the town's streets and slowed her pace a little, walking instead of running. She had never kept Remoraid in a pokéball before; instead she usually just carried him around. But Ambella Coal had shown her the pokéball contraption and Auryn had to admit it was nifty. Now it was even easier for them to get around together! Of course, her aunt had been overly suspicious. Especially since the little girl was already on bad terms with her aunt for hiding Remoraid for so long.

And now she was running away. Oh well, at least Lucia would know where Auryn had gone to. She had spoken with Ambella Coal. Auryn decided not to worry until her aunt chased her down, something that would happen with high probability. Preferably not too soon, though.

Luckily, Auryn got all the way to the lab without seeing Lucia anywhere. Relieved, she picked up Remoraid's pokéball from the pocket and smiled at him through the semi-transparent lid.

"See? We're here!" she said, holding him up so that he could see Coal and the others. Then, Auryn realized that maybe she should say hi before she let her pokémon say hi.

"Hi!" she therefore blurted out, her wide smile with the large front teeth almost blinding anyone who would look. White teeth came from thorough brushing, which came from her aunt's orders. "I'm Auryn!"

She didn't bother examining the other people much; they were who they were and she couldn't really do anything about it even if she tried. She just glanced at them briefly to try and recognize them if she ever needed to. She hadn't really seen any of them before. They all looked older than she was, and they were all a LOT taller.

One was a boy who wasn't overweight, but certainly not underweight, with flare red hair. One was a shorter boy who certainly was chubby and had a lot of hair... everywhere. One was an almost ginger girl with only one sleeve on her shirt. One was a huge boy with camouflage patterned pants. And then there was herself, with lots of black hair, shining green eyes and those glasses. What a gang!


Ambella had only stepped outside before the first trainer came. He seemed shy, or at least not eager to talk. Ambella nodded to greet him and thought that she'd better not force them to say anything before they were all gathered.

"Great!" she thought she would at least say when the tiny girl had arrived. "Now we are only waiting for Deandra."

"Deandra? I know a Deandra," the girl called Auryn said, looking thoughtful. "She's in my class. Is she coming too?"

"Yes, I hope so," Coal said with a nod and a friendly smile. She took up the large back she had brought out with her and opened it up to reveal some boxes. "As soon as she is here, I will tell you more about your mission. I didn't describe much more than that I needed you to travel, train and capture earlier, right?"

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