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Episode One, Oak Lab

Hell broke loose. Before Fred really knew what happened, there were people inside the lab who probably shouldn't be there... and the professor was wrapped up in some kind of web. Bandits! Fred's heart started pounding faster as he noticed his colleagues jumping forward to grab one of professor Oak's pokéballs. Fog lay in the air, fire flew here and there and the thumps of bodies tackling each other were heard. Fred backed away in confusion, but stumbled over something and fell. Something rolled over to him in all the mess, hitting his shoe. A pokéball.

"Freaking out so soon?" a voice came. Through the fog in front of him, a shadowy figure emerged. She was rather short, but looked intimidating in her gray clothing and big boots, accompanied by a wide and rather pointy smile. And some kind of minty green pokémon sliding over the floor alongside her. It looked like a ball. An ugly ball.

"What..." Fred gulped, but then heard Riku scream near him and decided to man up. "Why would I?"

"Because you're about to get sprayed with poison gas. Isn't that unnerving for you?"

"You look young," Fred quickly said as he stood up, discreetly grabbing the pokéball from the floor.

"I, uh, what?" the grunt said, a bit surprised. Then she laughed. "Of course! But as opposed from you, I won't die young. Gulpin, Poison Gas!"

The minty green ball, which apparently was a Gulpin, inhaled. Fred panicked and somehow instinctively stretched out his right hand. A sudden, white light blinded him as he felt the pokéball open up in his hand. A green thing came out and jumped at Gulpin, tackling it and making it exhale in the wrong direction. The Poison Gas got sent back towards its own trainer, who ran aside to avoid it.

Fred blinked and looked at the pokémon that came from his pokéball, as the smoke lightened up. It was green and had a darker bulb on its back, and it was peeking up at Fred with calm, red eyes.

"Saaauw," it said.

"Oh my god," was all Fred could say to the Bulbasaur at first. Then he swallowed and continued. "You are the most adorable thing I have ever seen."

"You are the silliest guy I've ever met!" the grunt girl said, running back towards him, enraged. "Gulpin, Pound!" she ordered, at the same time as she threw herself at a screaming Fred.

She never reached him though; the Bulbasaur had first Growled at Gulpin, startling it and making it slow down. Then it had thrown itself towards the grunt, Tackling her hard and showing her away from its trainer. Fred could only stutter and watch as he was loyally protected by a pokémon he had just met. Gulpin still hadn't stopped though, and as soon as Bulbasaur landed from it's assault on the human, a nasty Pound hit its face and knocked it over.

"Bulbasaur!" Fred shouted out. If it protected him, he should darn well protect it! "You ugly, fat... ball!" he grunted and jumped forward to kick the Gulpin away. But the minty pokémon turned towards him and inhaled, just like before. Fred hesitated and instead dove away just like the grunt had done earlier. It was probably a wise decision, as the purple smoke that was then shot at the spot where he had been a second before didn't really look healthy.

"Is this really how real life pokémon battles are supposed to take place?" Fred shouted out to anyone who would hear him.

"Saauuuw!" the cry from Bulbasaur came again, and the little green bulb pokémon came to stand at his side, back protectively towards him and a serious face turned towards their enemies, who had regained their composure and were walking towards them now.

Glancing to his sides, Fred saw that the other trainers seemed to have defeated grunts that had attacked them. Typically! He was the least manly of them and couldn't win. It was just his place in life, he guessed, depressed.

"Give up," the girl with the pointy smile said, walking closer.

"Never," Fred said, but he really didn't mean it. His Bulbasaur apparently did, though. It suddenly shot something out from its bulb. A batch of seeds that landed on Gulpin and attached themselves there. Immediately, small vines grew out from the seeds and seemed to be causing pain for the poison type.

"You think that's gonna be enough to stop a poison type?" the grunt said, almost laughing. "Gulpin, Yawn!"

Gulpin withstood the pain from the draining seeds and let out a huge yawn that caused Fred to yawn too, involuntarily. Bulbasaur unwillingly yawned as well.

"What kind of tactics is that? You're gonna yawn us asleep?"

"If you only knew how effective a pokémon's yawn can be..." the grunt said, smiling manically now.

Fred then remembered that it was actually a battle technique. Yawn... It would mean that Bulbasaur could fall asleep at any time now. He had to act quickly to win. No time to fret anymore; he had to make use of what he had learned in this year at the academy. He wasn't just some street kid. He was one of the top trainers at the Pallet Academy, for crying out loud! Think, think...

"Bulbasaur, Tackle!"

The grass type ran up to Gulpin and easily Tackled it; it was a lot slower than Bulbasaur was.

"Again!" Fred immediately shouted, before Bulbasaur's body could even think of slumbering.

Before the second attack came, Gulpin, uh, gulped in pain as the draining seeds took their toll on it. Then it was tackled again and tumbled into its trainer, making her fall over while swearing.

"Get up, you ugly ball!" she shouted right at it. To no avail. It had been knocked out. The trainer only gave Fred a murderous stare before she recalled the pokémon into a pokéball and disappeared behind those who were still fighting.

"Looks like... we won..." Fred said and patted Bulbasaur approvingly.

"Saauw," the pokémon said with another yawn, before both of them fell asleep in a pile on the floor. Not a good timing for sleeping, but it couldn't really be helped.
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