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    Easily one of the best game ever in my opnion. I mean... Pokemon that follow you! *mychonny voice* HOW COOL IS THAT?! I loved Pokeathlon, i'm pretty good at it too. I think my best for relay run is 21 laps, pretty hectic. Red was different, but no TOO different, so the nostalgic feeling from GSC was still there. There so much to love about HGSS. ESPECIALLY the sprites. Some of the sprites in HGSS are even better than the one's that move in BW. One example is Charizard. HGSS? BEAST! BW? Three year old's work- animated. Another is Tyranitar. HE LOOKS COMPLETELY RETARDED IN BW. In HGSS he looks pretty cool. But yeah that's just some of the stuff I could think of. There's just an endless amount of content. SO MUCH FUN!

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