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    Originally Posted by Misdreavus81 View Post
    I'm confused. So if you kill 50 Patrats, that's +5 attack points. Do they show up when you level up? It seems very unlikely that I'm going to keep fighting level 2-10 Patrats until my level 47 Excadrill levels up. I just don't quite understand when the EV's show up. Can I kill a large amount of Patrats and go elsewhere to train to finish leveling it up? Will it lose the EV's?

    From what I understand, in the 5th gen, you don't have to wait until your pokemon levels up to see the effects of your training. You can see it after each battle.
    Just try it out! Make note of your Pokemon's attack stat, then go knock out a few Patrats, maybe 5 or 10 or so. Check your Pokemon's attack stat again, and it will have risen.
    Makes it easier to EV train lv100 pokemon.
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