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Originally Posted by XtinaIsMeLuvinWWE View Post
Kanto - Cinnabar Island - (Blaine!! That is all haha)
But didn't Cinnabar get fried by a volcano?

Anyway for me it would probably be

Kanto: Probably Fuchsia because it's a nice location with plenty to do as well as a gym to train or we. It is also near the beach and in some ways reminds me of where I live now.

Johto: Olivine because I find it very Aesthetically pleasing and it is also very close to a lot of other cities so visiting other places for entertainment would be easy enough.

Hoenn: Fortree seems interesting but I (almost) shamelessly admit the thought of living high up in a tree terrifies me. I'd probably like to live in Lillycove it's a large enough town as to not be boring but it is also quite peaceful and is close to Mosdeep, Fortree and Sootopolis so I could visit there. As another thing I also would like to have a sectret base on the little cove near Fallaber (the one with all the flying types and jiggly puff). The tree there makes the best secret base in the games.

Sinnoh: Sunny Shore. It's like like Olivine or Lillycove but better. Plus it is eco-friendly which is a bonus.

Unova: I don't like Unova as much as other regions in its design but most likely Opelucid(as decribed in White) since whilst still being a large city with even a large shopping centre near by it is still steeped in rich and interesting history.

I put far too much thought into this...