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    Lillian *Lily* Blackstar
    Chapter 2
    - Route 102-

    " Lotad gone wild! "

    Lily had tagged along with a group of teenagers for some time now and after a quite exciting tag battle she was now in route 102 and had just brawled with Geoff over a Surskit. She didn’t really know why she did that, maybe seeing the others catching pokemon gave her a dose of adrenaline and got caught in the moment. However as the pokeball broke free and Surskit came out she came back to her senses. Being with the rest made her somehow react different that her composed and normal self, she needed a bit of break until they would go to the next city. “ Geoff you can have the Surskit, I’m going a bit further on to check things out, see you in 20 minutes or so. "

    As she ventured astray from the group she noticed that the route wasn’t very different than the previous routes she had visited, the same old trees and same old grass that went along the route. However this route had one thing that set it apart from the others, this one had a pond near the entrance to the route that sparkled in the beaming rays of the sun.

    “ Ok guess it’s time to get down to business again. “ she said and pulled two pokeballs from her waist and threw them in the air calling Lucy and Grace out. Then pulled out Knight’s pokeball as well and this the same to let the little psychic pokemon out.




    “Glad to see you’re full of energy! ” Lily said as the three appeared before her, glad to be out of their pokeballs. “ It’s been a while since you got some training so why don’t we head over next to the pond and train for a bit before we go to the next town?” all of them nodded and started following their trainer as she ventured further into route 102. It didn’t take long for the gang to get settled and begin their training. Being recently evolved Silcoon was a bit unmovable so until it would evolve again the only thing he could do was improve his aim, and so he did, his task was to try and catch Lucy as she was running around trying to evade every String Shot or Poison Sting attack Grace would throw at her. This way both of them got some training out of helping one another, while Lily was checking Knight’s stats and moves on her Pokedex, Knight creeping over her shoulder at the strange red device.

    “ It seems that that tag battle really put its mark on you, it says that you’ve learned a new move Teleport. It seems it could be quite the trump card in battles…….and for traveling short distances. “ the girl said being delighted by the new asset in Knight’s moves. “ Let’s give it a try!” and got up as Knight went in front of her.

    “ Ralts!” shouted as it focused its mind and within the blink of an eye it vanished into thin air. A very well executed Teleport…it would have been if Lily wouldn’t have been teleported along the way. Knight appeared with Lily in front of him. The two were looking each other in the eye and then down. They were about 2 meters above the pond.

    “THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!!!!!” Lily yelled as she and Ralts clung to themselves as they fell down. The two dive into the pond like a Wailmer into the sea, splashing water all over the place. Luckily for Lily the water was just enough to reach her knees and Knight managed to land on Lily’s head, but that didn’t mean that both of them got soaked. “Let’s not do that again ok!” Lily said looking up at Knight on her head.

    “ Ralts!” the pokemon agreed as Lily got up and quickly checked her right pocket to see if her Pokedex was soaked as well and if it was still functioning. Fortunately it was safe from water’s hands and was working just fine. But as Lily was just about to put it back Knight gave out a cry and pointed out at two lily pads that were floating towards our own Lily.

    “ What’s the matter….they’re just some plants!” Lily said and bent over to pick one up. But as soon as her fingers touched the surface of the emerald pad the other one jumped out of the water and snatched Lily’s Pokedex and jumped on land. “ What the?!?” she said being confused, she looked at the pad that was still in the water as it rose up and revealed a blue pokemon that had a pad as a hat on its head. “ A Lota…” but before she could finish her sentence the pokemon fired a Water Gun attack straight at Lily’s face and then jumped out next to the other Lotad that had Lily’s Pokedex in its mouth.

    Lucy came running towards the pond with Grace on her back in search of their trainer who had vanished in thin air with Knight and had not returned. As they came closer to the pond they saw Lily get splashed with the Water Gun attack and the two Lotad at the edge of the pond smirking with joy.

    “ Why you little WEEDS!!” Lily burst in flames as she wiped her face and started running out of the pond with Knight still on her head.”

    “Silcoon! Phanpy!!!” Grace and Lucy called out to their trainer as she got out of the water and was facing the two Lotads who started running towards the two pokemon. Lily noticed her pokemon and was glad to see them and pleased to see that they were facing the Lotad.

    “ Good to see you girls! Quick Lucy throw Grace into a Tackle then follow up with one also. “ Without a moment to spare Lucy leaned back a bit then threw Grace straight at the Lotad who had the Pokedex in his mouth. The Lotad simply jumped out of the way as Silcoon flew past him and landed a few feet away from Lily, but Lucy was right behind it and as soon as Lotad’s feet touched the ground, with a little help from Lucy’s Tackle it flew back into the air once again, losing grip of Lily Pokedex. “ Grace String Shot on the double!” Lily shouted as she saw the Pokedex soaring through the sky. The cocoon pokemon spit out its silky web and latched itself onto the red device it a blink of the eye and then dragged it back sending it into Lily’s hands. “Right where it belongs.” Lily muttered to herself then turned her eyes towards the two Lotad which where bursting in fury that one of them had been made a fool of.

    “ Tad…Lotad!!” both of them cried and raised their head up as a green orb started forming above their head then took the shape of a seed.

    “No way that’s Seed Bomb! Get out of the …” but before she could end her sentence both Lotad threw the seed at their respective target hitting Grace and Lucy head on. Grace went Straight at Lily’s feet, while Lucy on the other side rolled into a nearby tree. “ Girls hang in there.” She yelled as her pokemon got up, more determined to battle that ever.

    “Tad… lotad!” the two wild pokemon snickered as they saw the pokemon getting up. They raised their head once again not letting Lily’s pokemon take a minute of rest and launched another Seed Bomb attack at them.

    “ Not this time! Lucy use Counter, Grace follow up with String Shot an send that back at them. “ the girl shouted as soon as she saw the seeds soring towards her pokemon. She couldn’t spare any more mistakes as the attack were powerful and very effective on Lucy. Luckily for her, she got it right this time. Lucy started glowing a bright orange just as the seed was about to hit her and sent it back flying just like Grace did with her seed by catching it with the silky web and throwing it the other way. The two Lotad got hit at the same time causing a large explosion which covered the area in smoke and dust. Lily put her hand over her mouth as the dust started to clear away…but as the area was getting back to it old self a bright light came from Grace who was standing in front of Lily. The pokemon started to glow brightly as the cocoon cracked and out came a pair of wings bathed in the same strong light. The pair of wings lifted itself from the ground as the light started to fade leaving Lily amazed to see that Grace had evolved once again in in such a short time. “ You’re a…” Lily was about to say but as she opened the Pokedex, the device cut her short.

    “Beautifly, the Butterfly Pokémon, and the evolved form of Silcoon. When flowers are in bloom, Beautifly fly about gathering pollen. “

    “ This is what I’m talking about. “ Lucy burst into cheers as she was overjoyed by Grace’s achievement.

    “ Phan.. Phanpy!!!” the pokemon congratulated Grace raising its nose from the other side, then pointed at Lotad who were getting up, as to let them know that the battle was still on. The two wild pokemon opened their mouths and shot a powerful Water Gun attack at Grace.

    “Grace fly as high as you can! ” Lily said as she saw the attacks coming. Grace flapped its wings and started flying up towards the sun as fast as possible. “Lucy Flail on one of the Lotad!” Lily shouted as she noticed that the two Lotad focused all their attention on Grace. Lucy ran up to one of the Lotad and started slapping it as hard as she could then threw it in the air and then smacked it as it came down sending it like a baseball into the pond. “Nicely done! Grace now it’s your turn. Evade the attacks then use String Shot on the reaming weed! “ and with that said Beautifly did a loop-de-loop and turned around as the water attacks went past it. Grace dived down and as it approached its target it used String Shot to stick itself to Lotad then pulled it up. It swing around a bit then cut the thread loose sending it into the pond as well. The two Lotad were left floating unconscious on the surface of the water.

    “That’s what you get for messing with us, right Knight!” she said to the psychic pokemon that had been on her head this whole time. “ Of course you two deserve the credit!” Lily said as Lucy came running at her feet, while Grace gracefully landed on her right shoulder. “Guess this wraps up our training, shall we go meet with the others?” she said putting her Pokedex away.

    “Beautifly! Phanpy! Ralts!” the three pokemon shouted in agreement with their trainer.

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