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    A secret hidden from you - Chapter 9

    'Where are they...' Jamie mumbled as she kept staring in the direction Jaden had walked to. Khaos was looking at that direction as well, frowning a little. At that moment, when everyone started worrying, they saw Aisha walking up to them followed by Jaden.

    'Lemme guess, Aisha finished off the demon before you arrived?' Khaos chuckled at Jaden who looked beaten. 'Shut up.' Jaden grinned at his demon friend. 'Good work, Aish-' Khaos wanted to put a hand on her shoulder but she quickly slapped his hand away. 'Don't even think about it, mister friendly demon.' Aisha glared at the winged boy.

    'She still doesn't trust us, does she?' Khaos whispered to Jaden. 'Nope~' he said with a big smile on his face. 'Let's go...' Eve sadly said to the group. 'Aww, Eve don't be sad, just think "if i was still alone, no one would've told me there was a demon and i then would've been eaten"' Zane tried to cheer her up but she didn't even pull off a little smile.

    Aisha walked over to two and bend down to Eve. 'Don't be sad, littl-' Zane pushed Aisha away. 'I was trying to cheer her up, stay out of my way, *****.' Zane stared coldly at her as Aisha was laying on the ground, blinking a few times.

    'I told you not to do that.' Jaden punched Zane who then fell to the ground too. 'Hey!' Zane glared at Jaden who was laughing, Aisha only looking annoyed. 'Stop, punching him.' Aisha took his legs, pulled it away and made him hit the ground. 'Uh-oh...' Zeke and Gloria said both.

    'What was that?!' Jaden shouted at her. 'Stop punching him.' Aisha repeated as she sitting on her knees, looking at him with a evil grin. Jaden's stare became coldly again as he looked at her angry. 'This is for just now!' Zane punched him but Jaden dodged it and pushed Zane away. 'How about everyone stops with fighting?' Zeke suggested while sweating a little.

    'And that calls herself "Earths Guardian"' Jaden stood up but still looked coldly at her. 'The girl that failed her mission in protecting this planet, the girl who's the blame of so many deaths.' Jaden told her, slowly Aisha's playful expression changed. 'You're a born failure.' Jaden said.

    Aisha kept on being quiet, just curious to what more he was going to say. Khaos and Zeke, who were standing beside each other were both staring at them, Jamie, Gloria and Eve staring as well. Zane sitting on the ground and grinning, it was fun for him to see Aisha getting scolded like that.

    'You're not a Angel, you're nothing more than a girl with wings who's getting strongly overestimated.' Jaden kept on staring coldy, not caring about anyone who could hear this, Khaos walked over to him and wanted to stop him but Jaden made a energy ball with his hands and pointed it at Khaos, as in saying "stay away". 'Everything will be better once you're gone.' Jaden finished.

    Aisha was deeply hurt by these words. What he said was true, and she knew it so well, yet it kept hurting everytime she heard it. She always wore the name "Angel" with pride, but did she deserve that name?

    Aisha's eyes started to tear up, she tried to keep those long hidden tears from falling, but she couldn't take it anymore. She stood up and ran away, whimpering and not facing anyone. Jaden, who had realized what he had said, watched her leave as he started to feel guilty. 'Good work...' Jamie glared at Jaden who now faced the group. Not only Jamie glared at him, Gloria and Eve did too.

    Zeke walked over to his little brother who was laughing. 'Did you see that?! She started crying! Hahahaha!' Zane stood up and walked to Zeke. 'That's mean, Zane, stop it.' Zeke looked angry at him. 'You both are really worse, making a girl cry like that.' Zeke lectured Jaden and Zane. 'What did i do?! I only pushed her!' Zane said feeling insulted. Jaden stayed quiet and looked at Khaos who shaked his head and facepalmed.

    'You and me both know how insecure she is and how she blames herself for everything, and yet you had to do that?' Khaos walked over to him. 'I'll go to her.' Jaden said with a sad expression, turning around but stopped by Khaos. 'No one is going to follow her, i'll go get her later, she wants to be alone right now.' Khaos pulled him into the other direction. 'Zeke, Zane, Gloria, Jamie, let's go back to the left factory.' Khaos smiled at the four teenagers, then at Eve.

    'It's time to show you our little hideout.' Khaos winked at her. 'Will Aisha be okay...?' Eve asked Khaos a little worried. 'Don't worry, she'll be fine.' Zeke answered for Khaos and patted the little girl's head with a smile. When everyone started walking, Jaden was left behind, just because he didn't follow, he had other plans.

    He took a few glances behind him to see if his friend were looking at him, when he saw they weren't, he started running to the direction Aisha went. Jaden ran through the forest untill he saw a very big lake, weirdly enough looking pretty clean and there was green grass, something that was almost impossible to find in these times. He found something else too, a girl, laying on the floor, it was Aisha, staring at the lake with her teary blue eyes.

    'Aisha...' Jaden walked over to her. 'Go away...' She said to him as he came closer. 'Is this... Your work...?' Jaden looked around the lake that looked so beautiful. 'This lake... It looked so sad...' Aisha mumbled. 'I recovered it...' a tear escaped Aisha's beautiful blue eyes. She sat down and stared at Jaden. 'I told you to go away, demon boy...' Aisha snarled at him. 'How did you recover it...?' Jaden asked curious, still looking around. Aisha shrugged and looked at the lake again.

    'I dunno... I could use magic for a few moments, so i used it...' Aisha looked at her legs but then reminded herself that Jaden was still there, just when she wanted to be alone. 'Go. Away, Demon boy.' Aisha repeated.

    Suddenly Aisha felt two arms around her, Jaden hugged her. 'I'm sorry i made you cry...' Jaden whispered in her ears. 'I didn't mean what i said.' He layed his chin on her shoulder and stared forward him.
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