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    I liked Generation I better than the latter ones for a few reasons. The biggest is that its just a lot simpler. Obviously the added complexity was needed as more games were made, but I personally just like the older, simpler way better.

    I also like the generation I pokemon the best. Sort of like more animal like. A huge turn off for me is seeing pokemon with cannons for hands (Magmortar) or made of trash (Trubbish), or a lamp (some new Ghost type). There were some pokemon like that way back when, like Blastoise and Muk, but it was more subtle and didn't really bother me.

    Another thing that bothers me about the new generations is the absolutely massive amount of legendary pokemon that each introduces. I'm perfectly happy with a trio and a couple main ones. Now the last 2 generations had 13 legendaries each. Thats more than the first 2 put together. I'm also not fond of the way a couple of the new legendaries are portrayed, either. They make Arceus out to be God or something, thats a little bit too intense for something like Pokemon in my opinion.

    These are just my opinions, of course. I'm sure there are people who enjoy the new generations more because they're more complex, the pokemon are more out there, and there are more legendaries. To each his own.
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