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Originally Posted by υ Shivam View Post
Ok this topic got only 2 posts so i think using this one will be good :
Which generation do think have best fire type pokemon?
Okay, I have checked the Topics used and there is one, so we'll continue that Topic. But first, I'll make an announcement.

I've been thinking of Events that could be hosted here on September 24th (Seeing it's only 11 days from now), and as you all know, we will do an Art Competition. However, I have finally came up with something else.

A Writing Competition.

Basically, in the Writing Competition, if you want to, you can write an Opening for a story. However, it has to be based on Fire-Types, or a certain Fire Legendary, or else it won't be counted. You could only write up to two paragraphs (Also, when it's the Event time, put it in the spoiler so you don't actually Hijack the club). You can write up to 600 words in total - Up to 300 words per Paragraph (Foreign things count). For more information, VM me. But remember, this event doesn't officially start yet.

Okay, now that Writing Competition is going in, the Event will now last for 7 days, ending on the 31st September (Starting on the 24th, Pokecommunity's Decade, obviously). There is probably another Event that is going to happen, but I'll keep it a secret until the 18th.

If any member wants to sign up for one event, they need to say in their post (Also answering the Current Topic) about what event they need to take part in. Remember, by just stating a sign up, you are only signing up for one event UNLESS you state you want to do both. I'll be accepting entrants until the 26th September (I know it would have already started then, but it is for 7 days, so no reason NOT to accept entrants until then).

That is all.