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    Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
    Cool ! new update ! I would like to be a beta tester () but school started today and i won't have a lot of time but i can find time in weekends
    Also it would be better if you had more than one tester( 3-4 would be good i think ) so as to have more runs by more users and find out more bugs than one tester would... but the choice is for you to make.
    I would appreciate it if you were able to test, just shoot me a PM with how I can get the ROM to you. I will credit you once you beta test

    Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
    wow, an old hack revived! i read the intro, and this hack really deserves to be finished. good luck~
    Thanks for the compliments.

    Progress Updates:

    I started to map out oak woods. Currently it's just a map I will be adding scripts shortly. There are trainers already, but by scripts I mean events and important stuff, you know.

    Oak woods scenery.

    Oak woods scenery.

    Oak woods scenery.

    That's all this update. I will do another major update on Friday (once I complete Oak woods). I will get more screenshots once that happens. On the side note, 4 tile trees take up so many blocks when mapping it's ridiculous.

    For the last part of my post I would appreciate it if more people would volunteer to beta test. I only got one and Fuji. But I think it's just Fuji being Fuji so it's really only one tester so far. Hopefully by this weekend I'll have it out for them and possibly by Wednesday it will be made public.

    Finally (even though I said last part of my post before, but this time it's really finally), I'd appreciated it if I got some criticism. Ever since I got back to hacking this thing, all I've got is mindless praise (though I love mindless praise), it's not really addressing features and issues that I need to be addressed. Right now I've redone the adopt a Pokemon script because it got pretty much unusable from my experimenting. Now I have the option to choose which 3 Pokemon you can adopt. Before there was a little bit of game imbalance because if you adopted Staryu you would just roll the gym and leader so hard (where as if you chose Machop or Grimer it would be a steeper hill). Basically what I'm saying is, give me suggestions of who to allow for adoption. Right now I thought of Sandshrew, Paras and Doduo.