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(Intro for grammar junkies: I used an incorrect preposition, impressions OF them, that's correct)
Are you an anime lover and watched them from the very beginning, or don't mind having some gaps? What are your impressions from the progression as the anime wound up?
How do you feel about the occasional restarts of the journey between generations? Let us know!

I watched Pokemon since they aired the first episodes. Although it was long ago(I watched episodes dubbed to Slovak language) I know I did because when I decided to start downloading and watching the episodes when I was 12, I figured I've seen that first episode before! Since then I wouldn't miss out a single episode and no banned or unaired episodes would stop me. I'm currently watching Advanced Battle and although I thought I wouldn't like the advanced generations, but I was quite satisfied with them
I don't like the way things continuously repeat, like Brock having his ear pulled by Misty, then Max, Team Rocket appearing in every episode...but my love for Pokemon overcomes such flaws.
Gotta watch 'em all...What do you think?

ポケットモンスター RULEZ!!!
Gotta experience 'em all!
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