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Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
You should probably add spoiler tags to your list so it doesn't stretch the page so much. But anyway, I'm curious as to how you've gone about creating this list. Could you explain your approach and give reasons as to why you've chosen to include the Pokemon families you did? Basically what process did you utilize to get the list as it currently stands?
One of the biggest influences in the Cube was to have no card appear more than once. For the Pokemon chains this meant they had to have a certain number of printings before they could even be considered. Right now for Stage 2 lines the break down is 8 Basics, 6 Stage 1, and 4 Stage 2. For the Stage 1 lines it is: 6 Basics and 4 Stage 1. We were interested in playing with Infernape, but because there haven't been 8 different Chimchar printed, the line wouldn't fit with the Cube. These numbers were chosen to make sure there was a critical mass of certain Pokemon to make sure players could draft enough to build decks where they hit their evolutions.

After we had these numbers, we started looking for lines that shared a relative power level and would be strong/fun enough to play. We have made changes as we have played and tweaked the Cube to what lines are in based on this criteria. For example, Charizard, Blastoise, and Ledian were all in the Cube at one point, but have been changed out for different lines.

We also decided to include 1 Stage 2 chain and 1 Stage 1 chain to diversify what Pokemon where included in the Cube as well as give players different options when drafting. We then included some Basic Pokemon in each type that don't evolve to help round out decks and also add some diversity. We also included Eevee because it provided a unique option to evolving, provided six different types the line can branch into.

The rest of the spots were filled with powerful Trainers/Supporters/Stadium/Item cards. These cards help the decks flow and work, while also providing some powerful effects. This is also a way to be able to play with some of the most powerful cards from the Pokemon TCG game, putting Super Energy Removal with Reshiram.

We ultimately decided to leave ex/EX Pokemon out of the Cube for power balance reasons. Ex would unbalance many of the lines in the Cube, while further skewing the power level between Basics and Stage 1 and 2. Also, many of the Trainer/Supporter cards don't work or work different with Exs, making some cards worse or situational. Ex and EX are treated as different things in the rules, but function as the same. This means that cards that don't work with ex Pokemon work with EX Pokemon, creating further confusion.The power level of some of the new EX Pokemon is so high that they are better than many Stage 2, which would warp the Cube.
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