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    Hanso vs Sovereign

    "Oh sh-"

    Hanso took a few steps back from the punch, though he wondered what it was that couldn't affect him, and promptly swung at the Tyranitar with Night Slash several times, three up at his face and chin and the rest at his torso, knocking him to the ground. Hanso then jumped and flipped backwards a few times to put several feet between him and...whoever this was. Varren, huh? Have I heard that somewhere? Either way, it was clear to Hanso that Sovereign was being possessed by...someone. Or something.

    If I keep fighting, I'll be fighting this Varren instead of Sovereign. Hanso teleported to a place several yards behind Sovereign - no, Varren - and called, "Oy, over here!" He threw a few Psycho Cuts at the Tyranitar as an incentive to keep his attention on Hanso, even though such an attack normally wouldn't hurt a Tyranitar. Does possession bring the strengths and weaknesses of the possessor along?

    Sovereign picked himself off the ground, and dusted himself off. "Damn. I forgot that this body can't do a Shadow Punch. It's strong, but a little unwieldy. You know, I've been trapped in this big lug's body for over ten years. There's really not a lot going on in there. He doesn't have any fun thoughts. Unless Genevieve's around that is. She's the highlight of my day," he said with sickening joy. Trapped for over ten years, huh? Not so much possession, then... "However, there is one memory I quite like. Let me show it to you."

    A series of six tentacles crept out of his back and slid their way into the ground. Hanso listened as the Tyranitar talked, though he backed up with arm-blades out as the tentacles disappeared into the ground. When they emerged, there were long stone spikes attached to each one. The image was reminiscent of ancient depictions of the legendary dragon, "Giratina. Very few people have seen it's true form before, but I had the good fortune to visit an ancient temple in the mountains, with one of the few remaining statues depicting it. This is as close as you will ever get I'm afraid." He then sent the tentacles into a flurry, striking at the Gallade from every direction.

    Hanso brought his blades up and parried them off as he could, but he was still struck several times before he teleported to a spot behind the Tyranitar - he wasn't sure what to call him - and went in to hit his back with another Night Slash before teleporting to a spot several yards to Sovereign's left.

    Just then, he heard explosions from the middle of Albia. Hanso turned his head to see a group of Aerodactyls unleashing Hyper Beams on the city below. Snap! "Does that mean you know everything that Sovereign knows?" Hanso asked as he turned back to the Tyranitar, moving into a ready stance.

    Sovereign withdrew his attacks, the hideous tentacles coiling back to him. "A curious question," he said, ignoring the immensely chaotic destruction going on around them. "I've had a lot of time to root around in his memories. I suppose I've got time to kill. Go on, ask me anything," he said with a twisted grin on his face.

    Hanso's face didn't show it, but he was somewhat surprised. He'd just gotten his opponent to hold back his attacks in order to talk. He then got a reply from Guardia: "Ignitus did some sort of transformation. I don't even know how to begin to describe it to you. It was as if her whole persona changed, and her appearance. Anyways, we're heading toward the city to stop the Aerodactyls from doing more damage. Calamity sa-"

    Said what? That was worrying. Hanso began speaking. "Well, first off-- " A powerful explosion that shook the ground and a burst of light erupted, from the direction of the city gates. Hanso closed his eyes, but he'd already had them open long enough to make him momentarily blind. Hanso staggered back a few steps, using his mental sense to keep tabs on Sovereign's location. What he saw of the Tyranitar's mind was...a little too complex to decipher at first.

    "Tick tock, Hanso." Sovereign pointed to his head. "I'm not the only one in here. There's another trying to push his way out as we speak. If you don't hurry you'll be plagued with questions for the rest of your life."

    Hanso had to hurry, either way. The Tyranitar was right; he had more than one question. "What do you, or Sovereign, know about Auron and the other Sentinels? About how they came to be the way they are?" Hanso kept his arm-blades out, but he still couldn't see quite clearly.

    "So sorry. You chose the one question I can't answer. They were already like that when Sovereign was recruited. Now, I'm afraid our time is up." The stone spikes dropped to the ground as the his tentacles slithered back into his body. "Until we meet again" They'd told Sovereign nothing, then?

    Suddenly, the red faded from his eyes as the darkness evaporated off of his skin. "I must apologize for Varen. He can be quite a handful." Sovereign's voice had once again been replaced by one very unfamiliar. He sounded almost like a noble. "My son on the other hand has much hidden away. A million faces, none of them real. Would you like to see Sovereign's true face? The face of absolute chaos?" Then, there was a moment of total silence. "Very well." He then closed his eyes, as if to focus.

    The silence broke as the earth began to shake. He opened his eyes revealing a yellow glow. Black lightning swirled around him as his skin changed color once again, this time a dark blue. Hanso took a couple steps back as Sovereign's voice and appearance changed once again. What is it with this guy?! The earth shook more violently as he let out a heavy, distorted roar across the city. Hanso came close to freezing on the spot. In the ten or so years after joining the Gold Tribe, he had seen some things that would have struck fear into others. A few times, he'd been in a situation that would have put too much stress on the minds of other Pokemon. There had only been a few times, fewer than average, when Hanso had been close to breaking. Sovereign charged straight at Hanso, reaching out to slam his prey's head into the ground.

    Too much of this, and Hanso wondered if he could stand it.

    As it was, all Hanso did was back up, arm-blades glowing black, as he readied them to try and fend off Sovereign's charge. Hanso tried to dodge to the side and throw a Night Slash up at the Tyranitar's face, simultaneously.

    Sovereign opened his maw and caught the blade in his teeth. His hand grabbed Hanso's face as his teeth dug into Hanso's arm. Darkness seeped into the wound, tethering Hanso so he couldn't teleport. He squeezed and squeezed until eventually-


    Hanso cried out in pain, his left arm going limp in Sovereign's maw. His other arm glowed black as he alternated between striking at the Tyranitar's face and the arm holding his face. He couldn't think straight; the pain overwhelmed much of his senses as he struggled to escape Sovereign's clutches.

    Out of nowhere, a red feathered arm slung itself around Sovereign's neck, pulling tight, and forcing him to let go. Hanso fell to the ground as Sovereign let go of him, and he hurriedly pushed himself up and began running, only to fall back into a sitting position some yards away. On Sovereign's back was an off colored Blaziken. Sovereign thrashed and struggled as Vera removed the pouch around her neck. She pulled a small, light blue rock shard out with her teeth, and dropped the pouch on the ground. Sovereign swung violently, almost losing Vera, forcing her to pull tighter. She tried fruitlessly to jam the shard between the layers of armor, but to no avail. "I'm sorry Sovereign. I don't want to do this." She focused on a spot on Sovereign's right shoulder. "Focus Blast!" A blast of red energy burst forth from her hand into Sovereign's shoulder, cracking the armor. She then forced the shard in as hard as she could.

    Hanso turned and watched as the off-colored Blaziken eventually shoved something into the Tyranitar. His breathing was labored as his left arm continued to issue waves of pain. He left his left arm-blade unsheathed, as sheathing it might do more damage; he didn't look at his arm.

    Sovereign let out a screeching howl as the shard entered his body. Vera finally let go falling to the ground. Sovereign turned around, a blood thirsty look in his eyes. A scene all to familiar to Vera. Then, it all stopped. The black lightning subsided. The earth stopped shaking. And Sovereign's body finally returned to it's standard green, as he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

    After a minute, Hanso pushed himself up with his right arm and eyed the Blaziken. He was silent for a few moments before nodding to her. "Thank you. Whoever you are."

    "Do not take it the wrong way Gold Tribe. I did not come to save you. I came to keep Sovereign from losing control. Any longer and there would have been no return for him." She stood up, and began tending to Sovereign's wounds as best as she could without healing techniques. "Under different circumstances I would finish you myself. But I must fix what I broke. Get out of here while you can." She paused a moment. "If you're concerned about your honor, don't be. Sovereign wouldn't have wanted to kill you in that state. He doesn't like losing control." Those were her final words as she continued to patch up the hole she had made, using fire to try and meld the armor back together.

    Hanso nodded again, then turned to go. He considered, briefly, sparing a Heal Pulse for Sovereign. Nah. It wasn't him who saved my life. And the Blaziken was already tending the Tyranitar. Hanso looked back up at the Aerodactyls in the distance, his red and gray eyes narrowed. He looked down at his left arm for the first time, and winced. It wasn't pretty. Definitely broken. Bad idea to try sheathing the blade or using it. That would limit his fighting for a while, especially with the pain that had died down a little.

    Still, there had to be something for him to do, after his escapade in the middle of battle. Hanso composed a message for Guardia and Zane; Penance wasn't in a state to help. "Sovereign's down and out for the day, but he's nowhere near dead. Don't ask what happened. I need one of you to send me an image of where you are so I can teleport to your location." Hanso then began walking toward the center of Albia, in the direction of the Aerodactyls, letting his arm dangle at his side.

    After tending to Sovereign's wounds as best she could, Vera called down another Archeops. "Albia is a lost cause. If we're gonna lose the city, we may as well make sure there's nothing for them to celebrate. Instruct all Ancients not actively involved in the defense to start destroying as much of this accursed city as possible. As usual, personal safety is a secondary concern. All soldiers engaged in battle do not need to hold back. There's nothing worth saving here."