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    Originally Posted by kokotko View Post
    Yup, many gym battles, aiming to present Ash's innovative and experimental ways of winning actually wind up making the leaders look like total n00bs. It's quite foolish as they should provide much harder challenges. Guess the writers sometimes run out of ideas...
    As for Kasumi, according to me, she was a very good character. I actually cried in the episode Gotta catch ya later, knowing she would leave the trio. Anyway, I think Haruka and Masato are good, too :)
    I never said I felt May or Max were good. Actually, just between you and me,
    I severely disliked May largely because her character and design reminded me far too much of the female anime stereotype that was often depicted in anime, including the other female contestants in the Pokemon episode Princess vs. Princess, or how the female characters behaved in Love Hina.

    Either way, it was bad. Even worse considering how they're treating Gym Leaders now, and not only that, but they actually kept Brock even though Pewter Gym was in far WORSE condition than Cerulean Gym ever was. At least Cerulean Gym had the problem with Misty's sisters being gone for three months. Going by what was shown by Lola's horrible management of Pewter Gym, it's a surprise that it even remained operable, especially in light of it failing two out of three parts of the basic exam (uncool and unsafe. You know what I'm talking about).
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