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Speculum ran forward, in the distance, he could see destruction coming upon Albia by the Ancients. He prepared to go full speed, but suddenly spotted a darker than usual colored Zoroark still around the city.

"Hey, man! What are you still doing here! Can't you see the city's being destroyed? You have to get outta here!"


"Boom boom! Saw that some time ago! Pokemon goes boom! Cala is thrown all over!" Defender said with a cackle. Guardia continued to lay on the ground, trying to make sense of it all. But in the back of her mind, she had a good idea, even if she didn't want to believe it. One more look into the direction of the blast, and she picked herself up. There would be time to mourn...later. Right now, they were still being depended on.

"Come on! We've got to stop those Aerodactyls! And Defender damn it, pull yourself together!"

She saw a few Ancients in front of her, and began slicing them up, holding nothing back, in part because of her anger and sadness over what had just happened with Calamity, and in another because she didn't want to see another city destroyed. Not like Gravel City. And Omastar and two Kabutops appeared to her right. She slashed at the Omaster, who recoiled in pain, and then clawed at the two others, alternating between the three until they were all a bloody mess, falling defeated on the ground. Her claws still dripped with the blood of her enemies as she continued on to the next set, all the while keeping in sight the Aerodactyls. They had begun tearing through the courtyard with Hyper Beams. But the scene began to get more and more chaotic, as other Ancients who were groundside began targeting the city the same way. She knew what was happening. Just as the Alpha Alliance was getting an edge, they decided that if they couldn't have the city, nobody could. Bastards.

"Guardia!" A voice called after her, to which she turned to see Zane and Hoodhide battling their way to her location.

"Vigil! Where the hell have you been?!"

"A bit preoccupied. Come on! We've got to find a way to stop this. Belas and Hazone are doing all they can, but we need to find a faster solution!"

"Well...might as well start with THIS!" She yelled, targeting one Aerodactyl in the sky, charging her attack. Suddenly, a jolt of thunder burst down from the sky and zapped the Ancient right out of the sky. Zane smirked. "I guess it's a start. Come on, brothers and sisters! We've got work to do!"

A nervous glance was given by Zane to Defender, seeing he wasn't in his right mind. He tried to remember the exact way he snapped him out of his state last time, thinking that if he remained like that now, things might turn out to be difficult.

"Sovereign's down and out for the day, but he's nowhere near dead. Don't ask what happened. I need one of you to send me an image of where you are so I can teleport to your location."

Guardia grinned "Really? Good work, TrueStriker. Sending an image now...we can definitely use the help."


Gallant began to slowly realize how much of a bad idea it was to take on a Sentinel alone. Or perhaps he always knew, but did so anyways. He had a soft spot in his heart for his students, and perhaps those lingering feelings is what caused him to send away Speculum. He didn't want to see him get hurt. The Siren launched a wave of psychic energy at him. He put up his arm in defense, however useless the gesture was, and was sent back into a pile of rubble, which collapsed onto him upon impact.

He felt pain in his chest primarily, but injuries from battles prior and torture by Frost still lingered. Nevertheless, he tried to put aside his injuries and get up, stumbling as he did. His primary objective now wasn't to defeat the Sentinel, but merely to hold her off and give the others a chance to stop the destruction of Albia.

"I'm not done yet." He said, noticing an Archeops appear close by. He ignored it for now, electing instead to charge in for another attack on Genevieve. He leaped through the air, positioning himself to try and land a hi jump kick on her.

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