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    Alex Rouse
    Oreburgh City
    His opponent wasn't backing down, but at this point neither could Alex. The other boy reached out with his hand as if for formal handshake before a duel, but it felt more like a baited trap, probably just the adrenaline talking, that or Alex confusing himself by trying to over-analyze the current situation. Instead of shaking hands, Alex began to dart around erratically, leaving faint doubles of himself all around. Over the faint hum from his movements he spoke again, "Who am I you ask? I am the boy who had everything taken from him, the one who has had to fight tooth and nail to survive in this shell of a town thanks to adults who were only trying to help," he spat, the latter phrase being said with clear sarcasm and contempt. "Everyone is searching for something out here, but no one will just rummage through my home unannounced while I still breath," his tone had shifted as he went on, a mixture of hurt and hate. Even Alex wasn't sure what had really hurt him so bad that he held onto it for so long. Maybe he was just holding onto the hurt feeling so that he could feel something beyond loss. He snapped back into the moment, he was in the middle of a fight last he knew. Alex positioned himself just in front of his enemy and moved so that his double team left three consistent blurred copies hovering. "You are so bent on picking a fight, but I'm not sure if you have thought it through yet."
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