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    Originally Posted by Mario Famous View Post
    This hack looks impressive so far...Somewhat disappointed that Zorua isn't obtainable though.
    Everyone has a favorite pokemon, huh? Haha. I'm not including it in this hack for reasons;

    1: Technical limitations with Zorua/Zoroark's abilities, moves, etc.
    2: I was trying not to add so many gen v or favorites to the pokedex
    3: Frankly, I just don't really like Zorua that much.

    Thanks very much for the comment though!

    EDIT: Ugh, people, I'm not as much of a jerk as I seem to be! Haha. The ugh was more for myself... But seriously, I just don't like the one-or-two-posters commenting on my hack and then never looking at it again.

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