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    I'm not yet sold on the Wii U.

    The concept is alright, and it's cool that it's slightly more powerful than the PS3/360, but I buy consoles to play games. And so far the games seem lacking.

    Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Arkham City... cool, but I've got a PC, 360 and PS3 capable of playing these. CoD? Yawn. Assassin's Creed III might be cool if the Wii U version is either prettier or smoother than the 360/PS3 versions, but I'm not gonna buy a Wii U just because it's theoretically capable of potentially running multiplatform games better than on competing consoles.

    And more New Super Mario Bros? C'mon Nintendo, quit milking that plumber. Or at the very least, come up with an awesome original Mario game for the Wii U, like Galaxy for the Wii.

    But on the other hand, I never bought a Wii. And there are a few good Wii titles out there I'd like to play, so I could use the Wii U for that.
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