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Genevieve L’esprit

Genevieve let out a gleeful laugh as the Sawk flew into a pile of rubble. The wonderful sound of destruction and chaos emanating from within the confines of the city. The Aerodactyls had begun to do a wonderful job and from the looks of it, other Ancients had joined in on the fun. It wouldn’t be too long before Albia was like the smoldering coals of a massive conflagration. The damage to the property was secondary, she wanted to burn the heart and will out of her enemy. To see a people the’ve sworn to protect, only to watch on in horror at their slow and eventual destruction.

The Archeops squawked for her attention, his high pitch shrill breaking her thoughts. The repugnant little raptor seemed to have a sense of urgency about his mission. She reached out to him, feeling his determination and repressed fear.

“Speak,” she relayed to him. The conscious thoughts of the ancient beast bombarded her, one prevailing thought dominating all others, the message from Vera. Genevieve flooded her own aura with repulsion and loathing, the Archeops flinched visibly in response to her reaction. Vera had called her a “Harlot”? How inconsiderate and degrading. Civility truly is dead after all. Only fair to respond in kind.

Speaking telepathically to the beast, his mind a blank canvas for her own thoughts. “Inform Vera, that I have no need for advice from neanderthals and dregs of society, telling me how to go about my plans. If I wanted advice, I would rather consult a brick wall than that vituperator.” She paused upon seeing Gallant rise from the rubble, giving a slight stumble as he did so.

“I’m not done yet,” he called out. His body launched into the air, his body positioned for a Hi Jump Kick.

Without thinking, she yanked the Archeops from his perimeter location. The bird letting out a surprised screech as it launched through the air against his will and not under his own initiative. She attempted to throw him into the Sawk’s trajectory. Her fingers crackled with now pent up electricity, her attempt at conjuring up a thunderbolt as she gyrated into a successful dodge, the thunderbolt being unleashed at what she hoped was Gallant’s landing location.