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Infinite darkness. A void so abysmal that all hope is lost to absolute blackness. A lone Larvitar is floating unconscious through the void. He eventually opens his eyes. But there is nothing to see. Not that he really expected anything. Expectations lead to disappointment.

A Garchomp, his face a disturbing visage of hideous disfigurement. "This is what I need you to become, Sovereign. A monster. That is all you are, and all you will be." The Larvitar cringed as he spoke, the horrible flesh, shifting to create words. His bloodshot eyes staring. "There is no hope for you. How many Ice Rock shards can you find. And what if you can't find one before you turn again?"

"Is that all you got," said a familiar voice. The Larvitar shifted himself around to see a great Salamence. "What happened to honor? How can you expect to hold on to what's most precious to a Dragon if you turn yourself into a ravenous beast? Now, get off your ass, Jarhead!"

Sovereign's eyes shot open to the sounds of destruction and the smell of smoke filling his lungs. "Wha-" Pain shot over his body, and his head was screaming. "Oh, good. You're awake." Vera leaned over him "Can you stand?"

"Maybe." He struggled to speak. He managed to prop himself into a sitting position. "What happened?" Vera wore a very serious look as she spoke. "You lost control. I don't know what happened right before, but I know I had to use the shard to calm you down. You probably won't be able to use Outrage for a day or so while it's neutralizing your dragon blood." Sovereign sighed, then looked around. The city was a mess. "What about Albia?" Vera helped Sovereign up to his feet. "It's a lost cause. We're pulling out, but not before we hollow the Gold Tribe's victory. The Ancients are laying waste to this god forsaken city as we speak."

Sovereign cracked his neck. His head had cleared up, and the pain was manageable. Nothing he couldn't handle. "Alright. Let's have a little fun before we leave then," he said with a smile on his face.