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So, here is a first update on what happened the first day of my adventure:
-I named myself Gary and my rival will be Ash.
-I picked my starter (Meowth) and named it Boss.
-Won my rival's Charmander rather easily.
-Arrived in Viridian City, picked up the parcel and delivered it to Prof. Oak back in Pallet.
-Battled my rival for a second time and grabbed another easy win.
-Went through Viridian Forest and arrived in Pewter City.
-Defeated the Gym Trainer and the Gym Leader Brock without much trouble.
-Had a pretty hard time inside Mt.Moon, but I finally made it through.
-Arrived in Cerulean City and decided it was time for some rest.
Meowth is lvl 21 and knows the moves Scratch,Growl,Bite and Pay Day.